Village Home Campus

How does the Village Home campus operate?

Village Home is an Open Campus that runs three, 10-week terms between September and June. Learners under 5 years old must have a parent/guardian attend class with them at all times. Older learners are not required to have parents/guardians onsite during the 15 minute breaks between classes, as long as they can self-manage. There is no direct supervision during breaks. Village Home is responsible for your learner only during the 60 minutes of class. If your learner has Gaps in their schedule, please see below.

Can learners be on campus during Gaps in their schedule?

Learners cannot be on campus without a parent/guardian or designated adult during a Gap. A Gap is a 60 minute class slot where your child does not have a class, but has one before and after. Village Home is responsible for your learner only during the 60 minutes of class. Click here to apply for a Gap Exception.

What about food in class? And allergies?

Nuts can only be eaten in the Sousa Lounge on the Beaverton Campus, and in the Kitchen on the Portland Campus. Learners may eat during class time if permitted by the instructor, please ask first. Remember, nuts only in certain areas of each campus. The Salem campus is completely nut-free. Nuts may not be consumed on or brought to Salem campus.

Who keeps the campuses clean? Do you have a Lost & Found?

Village Home does not have a daily janitorial service, so please tidy up after yourselves and encourage your learners to clean up messes thoroughly and promptly. There are Lost & Found bins on all three campuses, ask the office for locations.

Do you have WiFi on the campuses?

Yes, all three campuses have WiFi. The password is posted, or available upon request at the office.

Family Accounts & Registration

How can I connect with other Village Home families?

There are several ways to connect with families: Start up a conversation with the other parents in class or in the lounge, or at the Village Home events or fieldtrips. Join the Village Home Facebook pages (Village HomeVillage Home Salem, and closed groups for families Village Home Beaverton Parent Talk, Village Home Portland Parent Talk, Village Home Salem Parent Talk) or the Yahoo! Group. Look at the calendar for activities and events to join and get to know people better. If you or your child made a connection but haven’t gotten their contact information yet, check the Village Home Family Directory.

How do I set up a Family Account?

If you are new to Village Home and would like to register for classes, create your Family Account and password by clicking the “Create New Family Account” button on the Family Login Page. You will use your primary email address as the “Email/Username” and assign yourself a password (which can be reset if forgotten).

The Family Account stores all necessary family information (contact & emergency information, parent & children names, birth dates, etc.) – please complete all relevant fields. Also, please upload photos of family members in your Family Account, the office can assist in this process.

You can update information at any time online, or someone in the office can assist you. Your Family Account is used for all current and future Village Home registrations.

I can't login to my account, what should I do?

Double-check your Email/Username, make sure it’s typed correctly.

Make sure your password is the one you made when you created your Family Account, and that it is typed correctly (passwords are case-sensitive).

Try resetting your password.

If you need additional assistance, please call 503-597-9100, or send an email to office@villagehome.org. For Salem requests, please call 503-400-7854, or send an email to salemoffice@villagehome.org.

Who will use my personal information?

Village Home office staff will have access to your information and it will only be used as part of regular business in providing programs and services to our community. We will not sell or share your personal information with any other agency, organization, business, or individual. See our Privacy Policy for details.

How do I pay for my classes, activities, field trips, etc.?

Invoices for all registrations will be visible in your Family Account, and you can pay for all invoices online with a credit or debit card. If you do not have, or prefer not to use, a credit or debit card, you may pay with cash or check at the office.

Invoices can be divided and put on a 3-payment plan.

All payments will automatically generate payment confirmations and a new invoice (if original invoice is partially paid) sent to email to your primary email address.

How do I know if I registered for the class/activity/event?

You will receive emails confirming your registration (or add, drop, transfer) for all classes, activities, events, etc.

Why did I get waitlisted? Will I get notified if room becomes available in a waitlisted class?

Sometimes a class fills before regular registration due to continuing students and faculty and volunteers who have earned priority enrollment. If a class is full, and you try to register for it, you will be put on the waitlist, and will see that you are waitlisted on the screen. No charge is made if you are for waitlisted class.

If a spot becomes available in a waitlisted class, the first person in line will be notified of the opening and asked if they are still interested in registering for the class. If not, the next person will be asked, and so on, until the spot is filled.

How do Add/Drops work?

DROPS: Families may drop a class by 5 pm on the day of second class meeting and receive a full tuition refund and a materials refund (if issued materials are brought back unused). For example, if you have a class on Tuesday the first week of term, you can drop anytime up to the end of the work day (5pm) on the Tuesday of the second class meeting and get a refund. If you request to drop a Tuesday class on the second Wednesday, you will not be eligible for a refund.  To drop a class, you must call the office at 503-597-9100 or email office@villagehome.org. For Salem requests, call the office at 503-400-7854 or email salemoffice@villagehome.org.

ADDS: Classes with availability can be added at any time. During the first two weeks of the term, you may add classes online anytime. After the first two weeks of the term, we recommend coming to the office, calling, or emailing to be sure late adds can be accommodated in the particular class you want. Call the Main Beaverton campus at 503-597-9100 or email office@villagehome.org. Call Salem campus at 503-400-7854 or email salemoffice@villagehome.org. There is no pro-rating of tuition or fees for additions made during the term.

What is the refund policy?

During the Add/Drop period, which ends on the day of the second class meeting, you are eligible for a full refund of tuition and materials fees. If you purchased a text or class materials through VH for the course, and return it unused, you may also get a refund during the add/drop period. Please note, if you are in a Thursday class, and you drop by the second Thursday of the term, you get a refund. After the second class meeting, no refunds are available. If VH cancels a class, you get a full refund of tuition and class fees.

Cancelled and Rescheduled Classes

The classes offered in our schedule reflect our intentions when the schedule was planned. However, these offerings may be changed due to factors such as insufficient enrollment, personnel availability and budget requirements. We regret any inconvenience this might cause, and will do our best to help you adjust your schedule.


Can I take my other child to my son's or daughter's class?

All class participants must be enrolled. A baby in lap, or a non-participating sibling is welcome as long as the parent is in the room at all times. We do have a nursery and a family lounge area onsite where you can wait with siblings while a child is in class.

Who should I contact with questions?

Village Home Main Beaverton office at 503-597-9100 or office@villagehome.org.

Village Home Salem Campus at 503-400-7854 or salemoffice@villagehome.org.

What are Village Home office hours during the terms?

Tuesday – Friday 9:30AM to 3:30PM

Wednesday and Friday 9:30AM to 4:00PM

Tuesday 8:30AM to 5:00PM & Friday 8:30AM to 4:00PM

What is Village Home's Inclement Weather policy?

Village Home Beaverton follows the Beaverton School District Inclement Weather delays/closings, Village Home NE PDX follows the Portland School District and Village Home Salem follows the Salem-Keizer School District. If the District is closed due to inclement weather, Village Home is also closed. If there is a two-hour delay, will we begin classes at 10:45am. Village Home does not hold make-up days.