Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Is Village Home an Open Campus?

Yes, learners and their families come and go during hours of operation because everyone has a unique schedule. Village Home is an Open Campus that runs three, 10-week terms between September and June.

Do parents have to stay on campus?

We love having parents on campus! Parents are welcome anytime in the classroom, or in one of our family-friendly hangout spaces. The parent, or an adult-designated by the family,  do not have to stay on campus unless: 

(1) Your child is under the age of  5 or

(2) The class requires parent participation (this will appear in the course description) or

(3)  Your child is under the age of 8, and has a 15 minute break between classes. During the breaks, there must be a parent or a designated adult on campus during the break because there is no supervision during breaks, or 

(4) If your child has a GAP in their schedule (see GAP below).

Can learners be on campus during GAPS in their schedule?

Learners cannot be on campus without a parent/guardian or designated adult during a Gap. A Gap is a 60 minute class slot where your child does not have a class, but has one before or after. Village Home is responsible for your learner only during the 60 minutes of class.  Only learners 10  and over may apply for a Gap Exception.   Click here to apply for a Gap Exception.

What about food in class? And allergies?

We ask all families to avoid bringing peanuts on campus, but because of the come-and-go nature of our community, we cannot guarantee a peanut-free campus. We ask families to consume nut products of any kind in one of our designated nut zones. There are no designated nut zones on our Salem campus; avoid bringing nuts of any kind to that campus. Learners may eat during class time if permitted by the instructor, please ask first.  Some rooms, by virtue of the classes held in them may have restrictions on food (computer and science lab).  This is clearly posted in the room. If your child has severe allergies, or brings an epipen on campus, please stop by the office to fill out an allergy plan so that we can work with you.

How can I connect with other families?

There are several ways to connect with families: Start up a conversation with the other parents in class or in the lounge, or at the Village Home events or fieldtrips. Join the Village Home Facebook page Village Home and closed groups for families Village Home Beaverton Parent Talk, Village Home Portland Parent Talk, Village Home Salem Parent Talk). Follow us on Instagram (village.home) or Twitter (@villagehome). Look at the calendar for activities and events to join and get to know people better. If you or your child made a connection but haven’t gotten their contact information yet, check the Village Home Family Directory to connect. Join a volunteer team to meet other families, or attend a camping trip. 

Do you have a requirement to volunteer?

Starting in 2019, we do NOT have a requirement to volunteer, but we do have a robust volunteer program that many of our families participate in. There are some volunteer jobs that have benefits such as priority registration or a small class discount. We believe that our community is vibrant and wonderful because we have wonderful families who are willing to contribute their time and talent to benefit the whole community. 


Family Accounts & Registration


How do I set up a Family Account?

If you are new to Village Home and would like to register for classes, create your Family Account and password by clicking here.   For more information regarding the use of our system, please go to our Registration FAQ.

The Family Account stores all necessary family information (contact & emergency information, parent & children names, birth dates, etc.) – please complete all relevant fields. You can establish or view your family account anytime from our Parent Portal, or from the iClassPro App (available in your app store). 

You can update information in your parent portal at any time online. Your Parent Portal  is used for all current and future Village Home registrations.

How do I Register?

Create or Login to your family account through the Parent Portal during registration periods. Steps to Complete Registration

In order to participate in classes, clubs, and community at Village Home, parents must do the following:

  1. Create or Login to your family account in iClassPro. Complete family account information and keep it up to date. Please do not open duplicate accounts.
  2. Select the classes and clubs you want to register for in your online account when registration opens. You can also add classes, or request drops.
  3. Sign the Docusign waiver and agreement document (will be sent in a separate email). (annually)
  4. Attend a Parent Orientation Session, or view the online Parent Orientation. (annually)

What can I do in my Parent Portal?

This is your homebase for things related to your child’s schedule. Here, you can: add classes, request to drop classes, see your child’s schedule, make a payment, set up your installment payment  plan, or even check your child’s attendance.

I can't login to my account, what should I do?

Double-check your Email/Username, make sure it’s typed correctly.

Make sure your password is the one you made when you created your Family Account, and that it is typed correctly (passwords are case-sensitive). Follow the instructions on the screen for a password reset. If you have difficulty accessing your account, please call us — do not open a duplicate account.

What is the Request System for Fall Enrollment?

Registration may be on a request basis or live enrollment depending on when you visit our site.  In order to accommodate the demand for spaces in our exciting classes, we are using a request-system for the first portion of our registration period. All requests made during the request period are treated equally and enrollments in over-requested classes are accommodated randomly. Requests that are processed into enrollments will be visible in your Parent Portal.  After the request portion of our registration period has ended and requests processed, the system will be opened for live enrollment. Any spaces in classes will be offered online on a first-come-first-served basis through the Add/Drop period.  Please see Advance Registration Requests for details.  See calendar for registration related dates. 

How do I get priority registration?

Priority registration is an advantage because families with Priority Registration often get their first choices of classes.   Contact us if you would like to explore this option. The following families may qualify for Priority Registration:

(1) Faculty/Staff/Board Members
(2) Day Program Participants
(3) Qualifying donors (See our Donor Levels Here).
(5) Put your family’s name in the hat for one of five spots randomly chosen for the Priority Registration Lottery here.

Who will use my personal information?

Village Home office staff will have access to your information and it will only be used as part of regular business in providing programs and services to our community. We will not sell or share your personal information with any other agency, organization, business, or individual. See our Privacy Policy for details.

How do I pay for my classes, activities, field trips, etc.?

Please refer to the Registration FAQ for all information regarding your payments, account, statements and ledger. We offer installment plans, and accept Visa or Mastercard to make paying convenient for you. We also offer Financial Aid, as well as discounts for certain volunteer duties.

How do I know if I registered for the class/activity/event?

You will receive emails confirming your registration, request (or add, drop, transfer) for all classes, activities, events, etc.

Why did I get waitlisted? Will I get notified if room becomes available in a waitlisted class?

When classes fill, you may add your learner to the waitlist, and when a space opens in the class, we will contact you. Sometimes a class fills before regular registration due to continuing students and faculty and volunteers who have earned priority enrollment. No charge is made if you are waitlisted for a class. Learners who are in the defined age range on waitlists  are accommodated in order of when they were added to the waitlist before learners who do not meet the age criteria.

How do Add/Drops work?

DROPS: Families may drop a class by 5 pm on the day of second class meeting and receive a prorated tuition refund. For example, if you have a class on Tuesday the first week of term, you can drop anytime up to the end of the work day (5pm) on the Tuesday of the second class meeting and get a prorated refund. If you request to drop a Tuesday class on the second Wednesday, you will not be eligible for a refund.  If you drop prior to the first class meeting, you get a full refund. If you transfer from one class to another during add/drop, tuition transfers as well. You can request a drop online through the Parent Portal or you can call the office at 503-597-9100 or email For Salem requests you may submit your request online,  or call the office at 503-400-7854 or email

ADDS: Classes with availability can be added at any time during the first two weeks of term using the online request system.  The office will notify you if your request is approved and you are enrolled.  Mid-term enrollment is not allowed.  If you have questions about adding classes, call the Main Beaverton campus at 503-597-9100 or email Call Salem campus at 503-400-7854 or email

What is the refund policy?

During the Add/Drop period, which ends on the day of the second class meeting, you are eligible for a prorated refund of tuition.  If you purchased a text or class materials through VH for the course, and return it unused, you may also get a refund during the add/drop period. Please note, if you are in a Thursday class, and you drop by the second Thursday of the term, you get a prorated refund. After the second class meeting, no refunds are available. If VH cancels a class, you get a full refund of tuition.

What if a class is cancelled?

The classes offered in our schedule reflect our intentions when the schedule was planned. However, these offerings may be changed due to factors such as insufficient enrollment, personnel availability and budget requirements. We regret any inconvenience this might cause, and will do our best to help you adjust your schedule. If we cancel a class, we will provide a full refund.


Classes, Clubs and Other Offerings

Can I enroll my child who is not in the stated age range?

We know that learners all grow and learn in unique ways, so most classes at Village Home have a stated age range of at least THREE years. To enroll,  your learner should be within the stated age range as of  September 1 of the current academic year to enroll in a class at any point in the current academic year.  If your learner is outside of the stated age range, meets all pre-requisites (if applicable), and wants to be in the class, you may request enrollment when live online registration opens.  Requests for those out of the target age range are processed after regular registration so that learners in the target age range will have an opportunity to register first. Requests are reviewed by the office and you will be notified if your request is accepted. Please do not contact your instructor directly — they cannot process an age exception request.

What is the difference between a class and a club?

Classes and Clubs are both important parts of our selection of offerings. Classes are taught by paid instructors, and tend to be driven by academic outcomes. Classes have tuition of approximately $11/hour, plus applicable material fees. Clubs are lead by volunteer parents who want to share their family’s interests with the community. Clubs tend to be more casual and more social in nature and cost approximately $3/hour. If you are interested in leading a club or teaching a class, get more information here.

Are classes year-round? How do I secure my seat in the upcoming term?

Yes, most classes at Village Home are offered on a year-long basis (30 weeks total). If you are enrolled in a class in a current term, your seats in your current classes will be reserved for you in the next term automatically. This system insures that your learner won’t lose a spot in a class mid-year.  If there are classes you do not wish to continue into the next term, simply request to drop it prior to the first day registration for the next term. 

Are Teachers background checked?

Yes, faculty and staff are background checked for your child’s safety.

Who are your teachers?

We hire teachers who love learning as much as the kids do. They propose the classes they are excited about teaching, so there is a spark of engagement in our classes. Our faculty are an impressive bunch — read about them here

Can I earn credit for Village Home classes?

  No, Village Home classes are not-for-credit. If transferring to a traditional school, please note, academic work at Village Home will not transfer in most cases.

Will I be graded and tested?

No, Village Home learners are not graded or tested, so we can focus on learning together. However, in “Homework Required” classes, teachers do review student work, and provide input when appropriate.  Feedback is designed for the learner’s benefit. In some cases, the learner can define the style of feedback they would like to receive.

How do I choose my classes?

Village Home is organized like a community college for all ages. We believe it is important to maximize autonomy and self-direction for our learners, and that starts with letting them choose what they want to learn. We recommend letting your kids choose their classes, with the parent’s input and guidance — allowing them to drive their own education maximizes class buy-in, and positive learning for the group. 

Do you keep attendance records?

Teachers take attendance in class, but if  your learner is absent from class, we do not notify you. You can login to your Parent Portal to review attendance for your child anytime.

How do I contact my child's instructor?

We encourage you to communicate with your instructors regularly. To reach your instructor, email using the format is  Please be sure to read your emails from your child’s teacher.   

What is an EXPO Class?

Expo  classes have a demonstration component at Summerfest at the end of the spring term, where learners have an opportunity to “show their stuff” to an external audience. This is an effective external motivator, and a way for kids to demonstrate mastery. Some demonstrations will be group performances or group projects, and some will be individual projects that can become a part of the learner’s portfolio. The class and teacher work together to invite an expert from the Portland community to come and see their work.

What about homework?

WeWe value learning together, and try to minimize homework, but sometimes homework is necessary to keep learning flowing between classes. Homework is rarely assigned in any classes prior to middle school. Some classes for ages 11 and up  include homework. If you want to sign up for a “homework” class, be sure that you (as the primary educator) are committed to helping your learner follow through with their homework commitment between class sessions. Homework is not busy work, and there is no punishment for not doing homework.  Homework may include reading, research, watching a video, writing, practicing a skill, or working on projects. Homework loads vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour per classroom hour. If a student does not routinely complete homework (lack of participation), the teacher may suggest they try a different class.

What about pre-requisites?

Knowledge or skill level prerequisites are noted in some of  the course descriptions, if applicable. Please register for a course only if your learner meets the pre-requisites. Please note, it may be necessary for you to assess your child’s reading and writing levels before registering for a class. Learners who do not meet prerequisites can be removed from a class at the discretion of the instructor.

Please be sure your learner can correctly read and pronounce at least 9 of the 10 words on the list at the pre-requisite grade level.
Quick, 2-Minute Writing Assessment (have a recent writing sample handy 


Can I take my other child to my son's or daughter's class?

All class participants must be enrolled. A baby in lap, or a non-participating sibling is welcome as long as the parent is in the room at all times. All campuses have a nursery and/or a family lounge area onsite where you can wait with siblings while a child is in class.

What about my child's stuff? Do you have a Lost & Found?

We have “cubbies” you can reserve for your child’s belongings. Village Home does not have a daily janitorial service, so please tidy up after yourselves and encourage your learners to clean up messes thoroughly and promptly. Learners will be asked to clean up at the end of class as well. There are Lost & Found bins on all three campuses, ask the office for locations.

Do you have WiFi on the campuses?

Yes, all three campuses have WiFi. The password is posted or is available upon request at the office. 

Who should I contact with questions?


Beaverton Main Campus: 503-597-9100, or

Salem: 503-400-7854, or

Portland: 503-995-4054 or

What are Village Home office hours during the terms?

Beaverton: Monday – Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Portland: Wednesday and Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Salem: Tuesday 9:00AM to 4:00PM

What is Village Home's Inclement Weather policy?

Village Home Beaverton follows the Beaverton School District Inclement Weather delays/closings, Village Home Portland follows the Portland School District and Village Home Salem follows the Salem-Keizer School District. If the District is closed due to inclement weather, Village Home is also closed. If there is a two-hour delay, will we begin classes at 10:45am. Please see for notifications of closures due to inclement weather. Village Home does not hold make-up days.