Volunteering at Village Home

Why Volunteer at Village Home?

1. It’s good for you. Volunteers feel less stress and are happier people. It feels good to give to a worthy cause, and to help others.
2. It keeps costs for everyone (including you) at Village Home lower.
3. You will meet people in the community and make new friends.
4. You will learn something new.
5. Your model of community service and civic responsibility will be noticed by the next generation. Make a difference for today and the future through your service.

Community Duty Volunteer Program

To keep tuition affordable, and to be a part of the community,  Village Home encourages all families to participate in Community Volunteer program. We understand that busy parents are juggling a lot, so our Community Volunteer Program makes it easy to contribute your time and talent to your community. Volunteer duties vary from just a couple of hours to a weekly commitment. are between 3 -5 hours each 10-week term. There are tasks and special projects throughout the year requiring more time for those who would like to help more than 5 hours each term. Community volunteering can be done by an adult friend or relative on behalf of another family.

Types of Community Duty Duties

For Salem Campus families, you’ll be able browse the list of available community duties and sign up soon.

Keeper Duties: Our daily keepers will perform a variety of duties, and when you arrive on campus at your scheduled time, you check-in at the office for your assignments. Daily Keepers must be able to to light-cleaning and lift 20 pounds. Assignments may include things like cleaning, vacuuming, organizing, cleaning, running an errand, helping in a class, and more.

Event Volunteers: These Community Duty tasks typically happen in 3-6 hour chunks of time, usually on evenings and weekends. Community events like Summerfest and campus clean-up days are examples of these duties.

Community Duty Plus: These duties come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some of these duties take substantially more time than 5  hours a term, or require specialized skills, or require a higher level of responsibility. Community Duty Plus tasks may also carry extra benefits.  The job description includes the particular benefits associated with the job. If you have an interest in volunteering or if you have a professional skill or service to provide, please contact the office directly about Community Duty Plus opportunities. You may not sign up for these duties online – you have to apply for these duties.
Community Duty Plus Jobs Include things like:
Club/Activity Leader
Classroom Assistant
Yearbook Coordinator
Field Trip Coordinator
Fundraising Leader
Parent Action Committee Chair
BLOOM Show Director
Tech Coordinator for Drama

If you do not see a community duty that works for you, but want to contribute to the community, please call the office at 503-597-9100 and we will do our best to help you find a community duty, however, we cannot guarantee that a community duty job will be available that meets everyone’s needs. We recommend signing up early for the best selection of options.

When you see one you want, simply “Register” for it, by clicking the “Register” button during registration periods. If that particular community duty is already assigned, you may be able to be added to a waitlist, but you should also go ahead and make another selection in the meantime. For community duty plus opportunities, contact the office.( Weekly duties typically are kept from term to term.)

Parent Action Committee

Want to get involved, and go above and beyond the minimum requirement? We have a group of dedicated parents on our campuses who are the leaders who are focused on all of the fun stuff like:

    1. Building community
    2. Creating family-friendly events
    3.  Fundraising

See details about the Parent Action Committee here.