Volunteering at Village Home

Why Volunteer at Village Home?

  1. It’s “otterly” good for you. Volunteers feel less stress and are happier people. It feels good to give to a worthy cause and to help others.
  2. It keeps costs for everyone (including you) at Village Home lower.
  3. You will meet people in the community and make new friends.
  4. You will learn something new.
  5. Your model of community service and civic responsibility will be noticed by the next generation. Make a difference for today and the future through your service.

To keep tuition affordable, and to be a part of the community, Village Home encourages all families to volunteer. We understand that busy parents are juggling a lot and we do our best to make it easy to contribute your time and talent to your community. Volunteer duties vary from just a couple of hours to a weekly commitment. There are also tasks and special projects throughout the year requiring more time for those who would like to help more.

Need more info? Just email us at hello@villagehome.org.

Throughout the year, we will have LOTS of opportunities for our families to lend a helping hand.

Campus Cleanup days, event workers, teacher appreciation, and gardening days are just some examples. Sign up to help out!  This is about being a part of your community and building the Village Home you want for your kids!  We have a few KEY volunteer positions that include some cool benefits like a class discount and the opportunity to register early with VH faculty and staff.  To have an opportunity to earn Early Registration, apply by July 1. 

Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer Interest Form

If you know you If you have a TEEN who would like to volunteer at Village Home, please see our Teen Volunteer Program information. Teens help in classes and in the building to create a love of learning for everyone.

Volunteer for Board Committees

Our hardworking, talented Board of Directors is home to several key committees that welcome non-board members to serve. Board-Sponsored Committees include: Fundraising, Budget/Finance, Building/Safety, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, and Policy. Committee members provide leadership to advance the mission of Village Home. If you have an interest in serving Village Home on the Board of Directors, serving on a Board committee is a great way to get started!

Sign up here: Volunteer Interest Form