Volunteering at Village Home

Beaverton Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Portland Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Salem Campus Volunteer Opportunities (Coming soon)

Why Volunteer?

  1. It’s good for you. Volunteers feel less stress and are happier people. It feels good to give to a worthy cause, and to help others.
  2. It keeps costs for everyone (including you) at Village Home lower.
  3. You will meet people in the community and make new friends.
  4. You will learn something new.
  5. Your model of community service and civic responsibility will be noticed by the next generation. Make a difference for today and the future through your service.

To keep tuition affordable, and to be a part of the community, Village Home encourages all families to volunteer. We understand that busy parents are juggling a lot and we do our best to make it easy to contribute your time and talent to your community. Volunteer duties vary from just a couple of hours to a weekly commitment. There are also tasks and special projects throughout the year requiring more time for those who would like to help more.

Introducing our new CLAMS Benefits!

Even though we know our volunteers are giving because they love Village Home, and want to contribute, we award volunteer CLAMS as a way to show our appreciation. Why Clams? To honor our fabulous otter mascot, the Village Home Voyager!

You can collect CLAMS, on an official “Otterteer” card, and turn them in for merchandise, or they can be applied to your family account for tuition reductions*. A clam is roughly equal to a $1 value. Clams awarded for Volunteer positions vary depending on the time and effort required by the position. There are an abundance of ways, both small and large, to help your community and earn Clams.

*Clams used for Tuition Reductions can be applied to the Village Home term following the term within which the Clams were earned. (e.g. Clams earned in November can be used for tuition reduction for Winter term)

Types of Volunteering Duties

On Campus Weekly Duties: These positions range from assisting in a classroom, keeping our special classrooms stocked with supplies, Door Duty, working a shift at Middle Grounds, to simply doing a load of laundry.

Event Volunteers: These volunteer opportunities typically happen in 3-6 hour chunks of time, usually on evenings and weekends. Community events like Summerfest and campus clean-up days are examples of these duties.

Extra Special Volunteer Opportunities: It takes a village to keep Village Home moving forward. We have some positions that take a substantial amount of time substantially more time than 5 hours a term, or require a level of expertise.rv

These positions must be applied for and include things like:

Club/Activity Leader

Yearbook Coordinator

Field Trip Coordinator

Fundraising Leader

Parent Action Committee Chair

BLOOM Show Director

Videography and Photography

Sign Up to Volunteer Now 

You can peruse the full list of opportunities by clicking on the links below.

Beaverton Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Portland Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Salem Campus Volunteer Opportunities (Coming Soon)

When you see one you want, click the “Sign Up” button! We recommend signing up early for the best selection of fun opportunities.

If you do not see a community duty that works for you, but want to contribute to the community, please email the Volunteer Coordinator

Parent Action Committee

Want to get involved, and go above and beyond? We have a group of dedicated parents on our campuses who are the leaders who are focused on all of the fun stuff like:

      1. Building community
      1. Creating family-friendly events
    1. Fundraising

See details about the Parent Action Committee here.