“We’ve been Village Home members for 8 years now, and we cannot imagine our lives without it. My kids have all of their friends there, and so do I, as their mother. I have taught classes, and I’ve held board positions, and the yearly camp trips and other events are great highlights we always look forward to. We love Village Home and will be sticking around until the kids move on to college.” (Ute M., 2015)

“If it wasn’t for Village Home, my husband and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pull our son out of school and homeschool. (We experienced a Montessori preschool, public schools in 3 states, and private schools in 2 states.) Not only do they offer a wide variety of amazing classes, but the support from the community is unsurpassed. Everyone is kind, considerate, generous, and helpful, including the kids. We particularly love the theatre program, as Whitney has a gift to not only direct, but also to inspire and encourage ALL the learners to challenge themselves. I also love the other resources everyone has pointed us to, from curriculum, to Fencing, to Destination Imagination. Village Home makes homeschooling extraordinary. From my fifth grade son, “Village Home is AWESOME! The classes are great, the teachers are nice, and it’s easy to make friends.” (Jenny R., 2014)

“The VH model feels like a cross between a community center and a college for kids and is an amazing resource for home schooling families (or as we call it “community schooling”). Students can take 1 class or 15 (most are held 1 hr/wk for three 10wk sessions). Both of our kids attended VH (as well as our local public schools at different times). They took classes in history, language arts, geography, science, theater, art and everything in between. VH teachers teach what they are passionate about and students are fully engaged. VH families embrace a wide range of beliefs, values and lifestyles, working together to create a really unique educational community.” (Meg M., 2014)

“Between 3 kids, we’ve done it all: private, public, & charter schooling, & not really “home schooling” but family directed schooling. All of my kids have required different educational needs, especially one particular out of the box kid that needed very engaging, high level, hands-on learning in a small environment w/ small classes. Village Home provides that and much more. It is the most welcoming, inclusive feeling environment that I have ever experienced in my 40 plus years. The staff and members are accomplished, exceptional, contributing citizens to the Portland area community. IMO, the classes are similar to Saturday Academy, OMSI, & professional art studio and theatre classes…fun, exciting, hands-on, and educational. The clubs & field trips are amazing and enriching too.” (2011)

“Village Home is a great resource for homeschoolers and unschoolers of all ages. Families participate at whatever level feels right, whether it be field trips only, or full-time attendance four days a week, or somewhere in-between. The instructors create their own classes, based on their topics of interest or expertise, and the learners pick and choose the opportunities that interest them. Check out the video on the website to get a feel for the day-to-day energy at Village Home.” (2010)