Teen Volunteer Program

Hey, Village Home teens with time on your hands, and a resume’ or college application to build! We need your volunteer time and energy, and you need volunteer experience that is meaningful. It’s a win/win!

We invite Village Home teens who are currently enrolled at Village Home to apply to be a Classroom Assistant, Lab Assistant or a Middle Grounds Snack Shop Associate, and give back to the community! Learners at Village Home who are at least 14 years old are welcome to apply. Don’t want a regular commitment? We invite you to join the Learner Council. They are a group of teen leaders who do community service for Village Home, and sponsor activities and projects that build community spirit.

Not a teen yet? That’s okay — we want you to volunteer too! Kids interested in helping out can stop by the office with a parent to see what volunteer duties we have for them. Please note, these opportunities are for currently enrolled or recent ‘graduates’ of Village Home.

Here’s what a Classroom Assistant does:
1. Shows up 15 minutes before scheduled class to be sure the room is neat, and to help with set up.
2. Stays after class to clean up messes, put supplies away, etc (usually takes less than 15 minutes)
3. Helps the instructor during class as instructed. You may make copies, help pass out supplies, work directly with a group, or support an individual who is having a hard time staying focused on the work.

Here’s what a Team Leader for Camps does:
1. Shows up 15 minutes before scheduled camp to be sure everything is ready.
2. Stays after camp to clean up messes, put supplies away, etc (usually takes less than 15 minutes)
3. Leads morning circle, lunchtime, afternoon games, and closing circle.  Teen leaders need to have the ability to work directly with kids. Team leaders are responsible for the safety of kids.

(not available in 2021) Here’s what a Middle Grounds Assistant does:
1. Customer service at the counter – takes orders, collects payment, makes change
2.Fills orders
3. Keeps the area clean and follows all safety rules
4. Other things as assigned

Here’s what a Lab Tech* does:
1. Attend classes and assist the teacher with lab preparation
2. Assist students during labs.
3. Clean-up labs and maintain equipment.
* This job takes some prerequisite knowledge of science. An internship in a science class can be a game-changer when applying to college as well as providing a hands-on experience for a future career in science. The “learn one, do one, teach one” model of learning is extremely effective and an internship can provide that final “teach one” aspect of that model. In addition to the letter of recommendation, the intern will be provided with a more detailed written evaluation for college applications. If you are interested in pursuing science as a career and have taken Biology before, apply!

Here’s what we need from you:
1. A complete application (see below)
2. A positive, helpful attitude and a willingness to learn
3. Reliability so the instructor/Middle Grounds Manager can count on you
4. Minimum of a one-term commitment (some positions require a year-long commitment)

Here’s what you get:
1. A good feeling because you are giving back
2. A “letter of recognition” for being a volunteer at Village Home
3. Leadership experience serving young people
4. Experience following direction