Family Events

Village Home hosts annual family events for the community! Check the Village Home Calendar for the current dates of these events.

Fall Term

Trunk or Treat – Families decorate their parked cars while the community visits each “trunk” for a “treat”! Everyone gets in the October Halloween spirit and dresses in costume. There are always games and crafts for all ages, and snacks, too!

Entrepreneur Fair – Do you have a child who enjoys crafting or baking? Do you enjoy crafting or baking? Would you like to sell the items you make? The whole family is welcome to participate in the November Entrepreneur Fair. Sign up for a table by providing a food donation of at least 2 cans of food for Bethel’s Food Pantry.

Winter Term

Game Night – Gather with Village Home families to share an evening that includes a potluck, games, and music, too!


BLOOM Talent Show and Fundraiser – This is Village Home’s main fundraiser coupled with the annual talent show. A raffle fundraiser over the past few years have been quite a success, along with the silent auction the night of the show. Come for light refreshments, bidding on items and parent-donated parties, and watching the heart-warming performances of our talented community.

Summerfest – The best way to celebrate the end of the year is to have a big party, and every year, that’s what we do! This is a time to play games, have a picnic, pick up your yearbook, get some faces painted, visit the petting zoo, and listen to class performances. Each year, the celebration gets bigger…the more the merrier!