Homeschool Graduation: Completion Celebration

Completion Celebration

Friday, June 3, 2022 at 5:30 pm

Special Reading: Bobbi Burton
Keynote speaker: Loriann Schmidt

Starting in 2014, Village Home created a ceremony to celebrate and honor students “graduating” from Village Home and entering the next chapter of their lives post “high school”. This ceremony is designed to give learners and their families an opportunity to mark this milestone, celebrate their time at Village Home, and launch them with expressed community support.

Completion Ceremony 2019 Highlights

Honorees are learners who have completed their “high school experience” and who are not going to enroll in Village Home classes and activities in the upcoming fall. In the spirit of Village Home, we want the learners to be able to put their personal “stamp” on this moment, so we encourage the honorees to deliver a brief statement to address their family and the audience.

Completion Ceremony 2020 – full