BLOOM Homegrown Variety Show

Lucy (2018) shows off her unique talents in the circus arts!

Every year, our families participate in a homegrown talent show, called Bloom. Family performances and solo acts are welcome, so Mom and Dad, get into the performance too!
Dust off that guitar Mom
Memorize that monologue Bro
Write a creative skit Sis
Lace up your dancing shoes Dad
Or, showcase any of the unique talents you have in a group or solo act!

Our passions make us unique in our communities. By sharing them with others we may ignite the fire of inspiration for those seeking something new.  While we are not together this spring, we are together in spirit!
We will post your video for the whole community to enjoy!


What to be in the show? Read the fine print on Bloom:
1.  Everyone is welcome on the stage. We DO have an audition process just to be sure you are ready to be in front of a crowd. The audition is low-key and supportive.
2. One audition per “person” — if you have ideas for three different talents to share, please choose your best one.  Three auditions with Little Sis — one reciting a poem, one singing, and one dancing is not okay. Or, Big Bro submitting five different guitar performances is not okay. Choose THE thing you want to showcase. However, if Little Sis is singing AND is in the family skit, that’s okay. (We are just trying to keep the “spotlight” balanced.)
3. Multiple auditions in a family are OK. If there is more than one act in a family, that’s fine  — for example, there may be a skit with the whole family, a song with little sis, and a poetry recitation with big brother.
4. Acts need to be around 3 minutes.
5. If you are in the show, you will be required to sign a media release. If you are not comfortable doing so, please do not audition. We reserve the right to publish or not publish any part of any performance. 
6. All acts containing material that is not rated G in the opinion of the show director will not be eligible.

The learners in the Baton Twirling club show off their stuff on stage (2019).

Email Jeri, at, if you have any questions.