Bloom Homegrown Talent Show



We are pleased to announce Village Home’s Annual Event,

BLOOM: Homegrown Talent Show
April 28, 2019, 4:00 pm

Come see our learners shine on stage at BLOOM!

Solo performers, families, groups and troops! There will be dancing, singing, play performances! Come see performers share their joy at BLOOM! 

Ticket Information
$12 General Admission (All Ages)
$5 Youth Ticket (ages 3- 18)
$25 Sunshine Ticket

What is a Sunshine Ticket?
Gardens need sunshine to BLOOM, and SUNSHINE tickets help our learning community BLOOM. Please consider supporting Village Home with Sunshine tickets for one or more of your tickets.

Why are there two prices for youth tickets?
BLOOM costs VH about $10 per person to host. If it’s in your budget, please purchase $12 tickets for the members of your family (over age 3) so that our costs are covered.

Are complimentary tickets available?
Yes! We want everyone who wants to come to BLOOM, to be able to come to BLOOM. VH reserves a limited number of complimentary tickets for our families in need. These are reservable on a first-come, first-served basis by calling 503-597-9100.

My child is IN the show.  Do I need to buy a ticket?
Yes, family of performers buy tickets. All performers will have a Holding Area at the rear of the room and will have a view of the show.


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