Voyagers Outside

Explore. Discover. Create. Connect.

Our Village Home Voyagers Outside Program is an opportunity for learners to gather in small groups outdoors.

With options in Portland, and Salem, the Voyagers Program offers a fun, affordable ($11.50/instructional hour), in-person learning opportunity with an engaging curriculum using our environment as a foundation for our learning together. Cohorts of up to 12 learners will be created upon registration.

For Fall 2021

Portland Area (for ages 7 -12) at Little Gabriel Park in Portland on WEDNESDAYS from 12:30 – 4:00pm: $395

Salem Area (for ages 7-12) on private property on THURSDAYS from 1:00 – 3:30pm: $295

Register in July

Duration: 10 weeks per term
Fall Term = 10 Weeks
Winter Term = In Hibernation
Spring Term = 10 Weeks

Who Is Voyagers For?

Families who value high-quality educational opportunities as much as learner autonomy, and who are seeking academic and social enrichment on a part-time basis for their children in the beauty and safety of the outdoors. In the Village Home Voyagers program, the parent is still seen as the student’s primary educator. Because this is an outdoor program and safety is the highest concern, learners in the program need to be able to self manage in small groups without creating a potential safety hazard for the cohort, instructors, and other learners. The teachers work hard to differentiate instruction across a wide age range in this program. If you have questions about if this program is a good fit for your learner, please email, or call 503-484-5191 for the Portland program and 503-400-7854 for the Salem program.

Cohorts: Upon registration, learners will be divided into cohorts of up to 12. Each cohort will have a Lead Instructor, with an Assistant Instructor floating between two cohorts. Lead Instructors may rotate to different cohorts to teach a specific lesson to each cohort (e.g. Teacher A will facilitate a lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly, while Teacher B teaches an art project on bird habitats, to each different age group at different times, but the learners remain in their cohorts throughout the day.)

What Do We Do?

Explore = Spaces, Ideas, People

Discover = Who, What, Where, Why, How

Create = Making, Doing, Being

Connect = To nature, To ourselves, To each other

What does this “look” like? Our daily programming will consistently make time for reading, discussion, exploration, creativity, questioning, and challenge. Under the guidance and direction of skilled instructors, learners will explore various ideas, topics, and skills using nature and the environment around us as our foundation for discovery.

Each session will have a schedule that includes some free exploration time, a guided group learning opportunity, and some independent work. We value connection at the core of everything we do, especially right now when connection is needed most. We believe in relationships as a cornerstone for learning and place a high emphasis on social-emotional learning.

We maintain our commitment to making learning fun and engaging, while also holding a high expectation for participation.

Safety Guidelines

Distancing & Safety: Village Home will follow CDC and ODE guidelines and recommendations to keep our community safe. All instructors are Adult/Child First Aid & CPR trained for safety.

Voyagers Outside Instructors

Laura Dunn

Amanda Evans

Whitney Johnson

Elizabeth Fisher

Loriann Schmidt

Michelle Shula

Emily Souther