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Thank you for your commitment to Village Home.  We rely on donations to support our important work to inspire kids to own their learning for their lifetime. 

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Making Learning Fun Since 2002
We started on the cutting-edge of what works in education by keeping the leaerner and their family at the center of the equation.  By providing a learning environment that inspires intrinsic motivation, we’ve revealed a truth: Learning is inherently enjoyable! To tap into the joy of learning, it is crucial for the student to own their learning while feeling supported at home and at “school”. At Village Home, our classes are designed to make that possible, and the result is generations of life-long learners following their interests to spark their curiosity. 

Supporting Self-Directed Learning
The playing field of education is emerging with new insights and new appreciation for what we have been focusing on for the past 19 years — the world is now paying attention to the intrinsic motivation of the learner and the learner’s sense of autonomy and belonging. At Village Home, learners focus on learning for the sake of learning, and here, they can practice owning their learning — a skill they will appreciate for a lifetime.

Strengthening Homeschool Families
Now, Village Home is more relevant than ever.  We are homeschool experts, we have decades of experience offering classes designed to facilitate and support self-directed learning. We support the whole family by providing community and connection for families as they experience joy of learning together with their own children, and the whole community.

With your tax-deductible contribution today, you make real choices for real learning possible for 1000’s of Village Home learners. 70¢ of every $1 donated goes straight to the classroom to benefit the learner. Tuition and fees do not cover the actual cost to deliver innovative education in our unique setting. Therefore we rely on the generosity of donors to fill that gap.

We invite you to take a look at our special giving programs, and consider our Otter Society or being an Ongoing Otter supporter. Village Home depends on tax-deductible contributions to provide families engaging, high-quality educational programs and you have our sincere thanks for investing with us in learners and their futures.  Get more donor news here.

Help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our learners by making a tax-deductible contribution to Village Home. Because almost 70% of your contribution directly benefits the learner in the classroom, your donation makes a substantial difference to every learner.
Consider This. . .

  • Just $400 could make it possible for a learner to be part of a Village Home classroom for a year and provide access to community events!
  • Just $200 could make it possible for a whole class to enjoy a field trip to the zoo or a variety of other hands-on learning experiences!
  • Just $120 could make it possible for a learner to take 10 weeks of any of our classes such as Biology or Art or Latin or Math.

Thank you for your support!

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Village Home depends on tax-deductible contributions to bring our innovative, engaging, high-quality education programs to families. We are proud to be on the cutting-edge of what works in education by keeping the family at the center of the education equation, and by providing a learning environment that inspires intrinsic motivation to be a life-long learner.

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