Wish List

Village Home is happy to accept donations of items we can put to use.  We are able to provide a receipt for tax-donation record purposes. Please contact in advance at 503-597-9100 to see if your donation can be accepted.

At this time, we are looking for (check back for updates):

Organic Gardening Items (seed, starts, composting bins, chicken wire, long garden hose). Please contact amber.kara@villagehome.org for gardening donations
NEW desktops or laptops (MAC or PC), must be less than two years old.
Small Microwave
Industrial stainless steel sink
Gooseneck Faucet
Box Fans
Art Supplies
Large Planters (Matching Set of 3 at least 30″ tall)
Classroom Supplies
Outdoor Benches (two matching)
Family Pastimes Cooperative Games
Keva Blocks
Lego Pieces
Playmobil Pieces

Thank you for thinking of us! We are thrilled to partner with our friends to support innovative learning!