Public Charter School Options

Village Home welcomes families who also enroll in public charter schools and early colleges. Charter schools and homeschoolers have a complicated history in the State of Oregon. Homeschoolers worry that the hard-fought freedoms homeschoolers enjoy in the State of Oregon will be chipped away as charters gain popularity. Charter schools are tuition-free, and also have strings attached such as mandatory state testing and required alignment with a state-mandated curriculum that may or may not align with your child’s needs and interests.

School-at-Home Charters

Although charter school students who do school-at-home are not technically homeschoolers, they are homeschoolers-at-heart because they learn at home with their families. Charter schools provide families with curriculum and a teacher/advisor to ensure all of the state requirements are being covered. Some charters are more flexible and allow some curriculum customization to fit your child’s needs. Charter school students attend Village Home to pursue their academic interests and to be part of a community of happy learners. Some charter schools provide funds to enrolled students that can be used to cover tuition for Village Home offerings.

Charter Schools and FAQ

Early College High School

Some Village Home teenagers 16+ who are ready for college-level coursework enroll in “Early College” programs and take classes at their local community college. In many cases, they earn dual high school and college credit and complete all of the required credits to earn an Oregon High School Diploma in 2-3 years. College credits earned transfer to Oregon public universities (credits may transfer to other universities), which can save money on college tuition. Teens in Early College programs are still a part of the Village Home community; they enroll in classes or clubs, compete with teams, perform in drama productions, or volunteer on campus while enrolled in an Early College program.

Early College Programs

“We loved being part of a charter school when we first started our homeschooling journey. It gave me the peace of mind that I was covering all of the bases, plus, we enjoyed the financial benefits.”

Andrea W, Village Home Parent

“I really appreciated being able to start my college career in high school. Taking classes at PCC prepared me for college, and I was able to graduate from University of Oregon in just three years.”

Natalie W., former Village Home Learner