Bloom Fundraising Parties

Bloom Parties give our community a chance to connect and support at the same time. We create this collection of gatherings to grow our community connection and our financial aid funds to make Village Home accessible to more families.

Register HERE for Bloom Parties (link activates in May).

How do Bloom parties work?

Community supporters offer to host a “party” for Village Home. Parties are defined by the host, and can be geared to adults, couples, families, or kids. Families and friends of Village Home buy a ticket to attend these special exciting Bloom Parties. Tickets to the Bloom Parties are typically about $25 per person, and vary from intimate gatherings of 8 to large get-togethers. The participant’s ticket money goes straight to Village Home, and the host covers all of the Bloom Party expenses. (Tickets are not necessarily tax-deductible — check with your tax professional for guidance.)

Village Home raises money every year to support financial aid with Bloom Parties! Plus, these Parties provide the community with exciting opportunities to connect over common interests.

Party Examples to Inspire:
Are you a professional florist? Host an ikebana arranging party!
Are you a beer connoisseur? Host a tasting party!
Do you have access to Providence Park? Host a behind-the-scenes tour!
Do you know a famous actor, athlete, or musician? Coordinate with them for a dinner with a personal appearance!
Does your kiddo LOVE the zoo? Host an afternoon with a special zookeeper talk!
Are you a talented artist? Host a workshop to share your expertise in painting, ceramics, paper mache, or whatever media excites you!