Standardized Testing Service for Homeschoolers

Village Home offers Homeschool Testing services in groups and individual private sessions for the Terra Nova (formerly California Achievement Test CAT) for grades 3-12. Oregon law requires standardized homeschool tests administered by a qualified test examiner after grades 3, 5, 8 and 10 by August 15. Tests can also provide feedback about how your learner is doing. The Terra Nova is one of the homeschool tests approved by the state of Oregon.

We offer a friendly, low-stress test environment that complies with Oregon testing requirements. (See the end of the page for links to practice tests.) We are excited to be able to offer online testing this year for grades 3-8. Online testing can be done from your own home or at our campus. Benefits of online testing include faster scoring and reporting, the option to test at home and no additional purchase of the diagnostic profile. High Schoolers will still need to take the paper/pencil test for now, but we highly encourage online testing for grades 3-8.

What to bring to your test session: sharpened pencils, simple calculator (for grades 5 & up), water, a nut-free snack, and a book to read.

Test Results

Group and private testing fees include the standard test report: raw score, national percentile, and grade equivalent for each section of the test. For an additional $10 (per paper test), a Diagnostic Profile breaks down responses by specific learning. If you want details about your child’s test performance, be sure to order your diagnostic profile. Our paper and pencil tests are hand scored with results emailed within 2 weeks, online testing results will be forwarded upon receipt from Terra Nova. Email with questions.


Group Testing 

COVID protocols will be in place for In-Person options (masks required, temperature check/hand sanitizer at check-in). 

At-Home On Computer Testing for Grades 3-8

A computer with a Google Chrome Browser or a tablet/ipad with a separate keyboard is required. There is a mandatory virtual parent meeting required prior to testing session; failure to attend results in forfeiture of testing session without refund.

Location: At Home on computer

Dates: March – August (dates coming soon for 2022)

Fee: $52 per learner (includes Diagnostic Profile)

In-Person Computer Testing for Grades 3-8 (laptops provided)

Location:  At Village Home on a provided computer, 5150 SW Watson Ave. Beaverton, OR

Dates:  Summer 2022 (dates TBA) 8:30 – 8:45am Check-in; 9:00 am Testing

Fee: $52 per learner (Includes Diagnostic Profile)

In-Person Paper/Pencil Testing, Grades 3-12

High Schoolers must take paper/pencil. All other levels can choose computer-based testing or paper/pencil. Location:  At Village Home, 5150 SW Watson Ave. Beaverton, OR

Dates (Grade 3 only): Summer 2022 (dates TBA)
8:30 – 8:45 am Check-in; 9:00 am Testing.

Dates (Grades 4 & up):Summer 2022 (dates TBA)
8:30 – 8:45 am Check-in; 9:00 am Testing.

Fee: $65 per learner with option of additional $10 diagnostic profile

Location:  At Village Home Salem, 215 Hrubetz Rd, Salem, OR

Date: Summer 2022 (dates TBA)
Grade 3: 
8:30 – 8:45 am Check-in; 9:00 am Testing
Grades 4 – 12:  12:00 – 12:15 pm Check-in; 12:30 pm Testing

Fee: $52 per leaner with option of additional $10 diagnostic profile

Private Testing

Private testing is by appointment only.  Private testing is available via computer or paper/pencil. For parents who have concerns about their learner self-managing and following Test Proctor instructions in a timed, group setting, or whose learner needs accommodations as allowed by law for their IEP or 504, we encourage registration in a Private Test. Learner accommodations cannot be made in group testing sessions.

Private Testing fee is $85 per child, additional child $42.50. For an additional $10 (per paper test), a Diagnostic Profile breaks down responses by specific learning. Standard Private Testing time period is 3 hours; testing clients who require additional time beyond the 3 hours will be billed an additional $25 per hour.

Please contact if you are interested in scheduling a private testing session.

Practice Tests

There is no test prep needed, but here are a couple of resources if you feel like your learner would benefit from the practice.

TestingMom Website maintains TerraNova Practice Tests

Spectrum Workbooks align with TerraNova (mostly)
Grade Three
Grade Five
Grade Eight

Email with questions.