Scripps Spelling Bee

Pictured above is former VH student, Connor Aberle, competing at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. We are proud to be the home of two State champions (and National Semifinalists), Connor Aberle and Shaina Clark.


All homeschoolers are welcome to participate in the Spelling Bee. Whether you are a word-lover, or just want to build up your spelling and vocabulary skills, this is an excellent opportunity for you! Village Home hosts the Spelling bee as a service to the homeschool community in Oregon to encourage spelling and literacy. In addition to our Championship Bee for participants in grades 4 through 8, we also offer a junior competition for participants in grades K through 3. This low-pressure Bee is a fun way for younger spellers to get their feet wet.

About the Competition: The Spelling Bee is sponsored by the EW Scripps Company and local spelling bee sponsors. The National Spelling Bee is the largest, most popular competition for word lovers in first through eighth grade. The winner of Village Home’s Championship Bee advances to the Regional Bee sponsored by the Portland Tribune. The Regional Bee winner competes in the national competition, typically in Washington D.C.

Eligibility: Village Home’s competition is open to all homeschooled learners who have not finished 8th grade or reached the age of 15 on or before August 31 of the current academic year. The cost for participating in the Bee is $15 to all homeschoolers in Oregon, which covers the cost of entry fees and study lists. Note: The Village Home Spelling Bee is open to homeschoolers and unschoolers, but not to learners in public schools, including public charter schools. Learners in public schools should contact their own school to find out the availability of their school’s Bee.

Spelling Bee Details (COVID Changes for 2022)

The Spelling Bee will be administered on an online testing platform at your convenience. The test will be available between January 14 and January 21. On January 24 at 2:00pm, we will host an after-bee celebration on Zoom for fun spelling games, trivia about the bee and to announce our winner.

REGISTER HERE AS A SPELLER by Monday January 10, 2022

Preparing for the Bee

2022 Study list available. Please email to be sent a copy of the Study List. There are 450 words in this study list. Start with the words you think can spell easily. When you feel pretty good about those, add some more words and practice with those. This year’s Bee will focus on the Spelling and Vocabulary, so looking up the definitions of the words will help you with learning and remembering the spelling and to help you ace the vocabulary portion. Follow our Spelling blog at for tips, tricks, fun activities, and news about the Bee!