Preschool Offerings

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Preschool Enrichment for Homeschooled Children and Their Parents at Village Home

All of our preschool offerings require parent attendance and participation at all times. In addition to our scheduled classes and clubs, we have an on-site play area for our families with preschoolers so that you can enjoy playing together while older siblings are in class. We offer a small handful of preschool classes and clubs for you to enjoy with your preschooler.

Little Villagers at Village Home
Little Villagers is our primary offering for the preschoolers and their parent. Little Villagers provides a gentle, home-like environment, where children have the freedom and opportunity to simply be children. Self directed creative play occupies a large portion of their day, as play is truly the work of the child. We believe that the best environment for learning and development is one in which children gain self-esteem, enjoy discovering basic learning materials, develop cooperative play skills, and build trusting relationships with each other and with adults. We encourage children to be individuals while learning to respect the rights of others and progress at their own pace. We believe parent’s involvement is essential since the parent is the primary educator. Little Villagers will enrich the parent-child relationship through parent participation and leadership in the classroom. Parents achieve a better understanding of their child’s development with regular involvement in the children’s activities and play materials. What guides the attitudes, words, and gestures of our parents and facilitators is the knowledge that young children learn through imitation.  Parents are an integral part of Little Villagers through their presence. Parents are asked to model active participation in every aspect of our daily routine. The instructor strongly encourages the parent to share their ideas, suggestions, and input.  Little Villagers is for our youngest community members (ages 3 – 4 years old). Parents are asked to bring a nut-free snack from home for their own child and themselves daily.

At Little Villagers we have a flexible, unhurried daily rhythm included in all of our activities:
outdoor play, story time, block building, painting, clay and beeswax modeling, circle time and bread baking to name a few.