“Ongoing Otters” Sustainable Giving

Our Ongoing Otters are a vital part of our raft of supporters. You can count on us to deliver inspiring learning to spark curiosity in our self-directed learners and their families. We can count on our Ongoing Otters to provide stable support so that we can plan ahead and focus on continued program innovation to remain on the cutting-edge of what works in education. Thank you for joining in this important work!

With a gift of as little as $10/month (the cost of a medium pizza or a movie ticket), you can support Village Home. You can automatically deduct a donation from your checking account or credit card on a monthly basis and multiply your support! Our sustainable giving program is THE EASIEST AND MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO support Village Home. Becoming an Ongoing Otter is a great way to make your contribution to Village Home even more powerful. Join the raft of Ongoing Otters today and be part of this amazing work.

Advantages of donating with a monthly automatic withdrawal or credit card:

  • Know that you are supporting Village Home throughout the year
  • Easy and secure
  • Can cancel at any time
  • Simple to add to your budget
  • Saves time

Become an Ongoing Otter now with a monthly contribution. At any time, you can increase your monthly support, update your payment information. To make the most of your support, please set up your sustaining gift using a debit or bank account instead of a credit card.

Have time to give?

Have time to give? We welcome volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering on campus or in a classroom, please contact us at 503-597-9100. Thank you!