National Geographic GeoBee(on hold in 2021)

Tell your homeschooling friends to sign up for the GeoBee! This is a service to the community offered by Village Home to encourage a study of Earth’s cultural and geographic systems as well as current events and history. Sponsored by National Geographic, the local GeoBee is the first step in a process to progress to the National GeoBee. Winners of each local (school) GeoBee will take an online qualifying test, and the top 100 scorers will compete in the State GeoBee. One winner from each state will compete in the National GeoBee in Washington DC. The Homeschool GeoBee competition is open to all homeschooled learners who are at least in 4th grade and have not exceeded 8th grade or reached the age of 15 on or before August 31, 2020. Competition is FREE to all homeschoolers in Oregon.

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Geobee Date/Time:
Location: Village Home Education Resource Center, 5150 Watson Ave., Beaverton 97205.

We encourage early registration, as we must have a minimum of SIX students registered in order to conduct the GeoBee! Registered GeoBee participants may request study resources from the Bee Coordinator by emailing
Follow our Spelling and Geography Bee blog at for tips, tricks, fun activities, and news about the Bee!
Note: Due to multiple requests, we have decided to allow interested third-graders to compete in preliminary rounds of our Homeschool GeoBee. However, there must be at least six registered participants in the qualifying grades (4-8), and third-graders may not participate in the final rounds of
the Bee.