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Welcome to Village Home, where learning is seriously fun.

Village Home has been serving homeschooling families since 2002, and is a model of self-directed, authentic learning. Our design encourages learners of all ages to take ownership of their learning.  Learners are free to learn what interests them, free to spend time with the families, and free to be themselves.

In the classrooms, our caring and enthusiastic teachers create a collaborative, fun-filled environment. A small class size ensures personal attention in a non-credit, grade-free environment where the focus is on real learning rather than on test performance. We build community, belonging, and acceptance in our classes, as well as knowledge.

Village Home functions like a community college starting at preschool. Families choose to take one class a week, or take several a day; the learner, with their family, decides what they need to meet their education goals.

Families at Village Home have diverse approaches to education, and widely varied educational philosophies. We embrace diversity in all ways, and welcome homeschooling families of every faith, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

Learning is a naturally enjoyable process, and our choice-based alternative-to-school is designed to maximize classroom engagement and learner autonomy. We develop empowered learners connected to their families and their world. 

Village Home believes that every learner is unique, and deserves a unique education, as well as a community of people to grow and learn with.  If you are looking for a different approach to education – one that honors the individual and the family – Village Home is for you.

At Village Home, we embrace real learning as it is meant to be: engaging, collaborative, inspiring, and fun! We are designed for families who relish the opportunity to learn together, and who want to belong to a community of families who are learning together! This is what Village Home is all about. 

Our Ethos

Even though we all may be diverse and take different approaches to education, VH families all agree:

We believe that learning is a naturally joyful process. Learning is fun and feels good.

We believe every child is unique, and every child deserves an education that is tailored to them. We do not think that there is a one-size-fits-all education, so we recognize that all of our families will be taking their own approach to education.

We believe that maximizing learner autonomy supports a love of learning. Our choice-based approach is designed to maximize classroom engagement and learner autonomy by allowing learners to take responsibility for their education in partnership with their family.

We believe that diversity is powerful. Learning from and with others who have varied viewpoints is important and powerful. Diversity and acceptance of others are foundations of our community.

We believe Village Home is a home away from home that gives learners and their families a community to grow with and be involved in as a family. We value community connection, and know that the learners and families of Village Home co-create our vibrant community.

We believe that the family is well-suited to lead their children on their optimal educational paths. We welcome the parent as the primary educator and parents are welcome in the classroom and on campus anytime. We help families develop empowered learners connected to the world.

Our Foundations for Our Community

Unique Paths for All Learners: Choice and Flexibility

At Village Home, we recognize that each learner is a unique individual. Learners can customize their learning experience by selecting courses in a choice-based educational marketplace at Village Home. Every child deserves an education that that sparks their curiosity and is tailored to them.

Family-Centered Learning

At Village Home, the family is honored in the learning community. We acknowledge that the parent is the first and the primary educator for a child. In addition to welcoming the parent in the classroom, Village Home supports families by making play space available for younger siblings and parents, offering multi-age classrooms where it is possible for siblings to learn together, and providing opportunities for parents and children to learn together. We believe that the family is the primary sphere of influence for education, and Village Home Education Resource Center functions as a secondary, supportive environment. The family joins their children on their optimal educational paths. We expect parents to be on campus if their children are not enrolled in a class. 

Self-Directed Learning

We believe that true learning happens only in the context of self-direction. Intrinsically motivated learners maintain their innate drive to learn by self-directing their learning. We encourage families to see their children as the authors of their own learning plan. In classes, instructors rely on the students to measure their own success, and hence there is no grading. Our learning environment centers on learning for the sake of learning.  We believe that maximizing learner autonomy supports a love of learning and increases the intrinsic motivation to learn.

Lifelong Learning

We value the spirit of lifelong learning. Learning is a natural, joyful process, and keeping the love of learning alive is the key component for developing a life-long learner. We provide opportunity for people of all ages to learn together and to learn from each other and encourage primary educators, the parents, to model lifelong learning for the children.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We believe that there is tremendous value in peer-based learning for people of all ages. We create group-learning opportunities that facilitate meaningful peer interaction by offering classes with flexible age ranges.

Passionate, Focused Instruction in Small Classes

We believe that the most important thing an instructor can bring to the classroom is a personal passion and interest in the subject matter, and the most important thing we can do is keep their classes relatively small (eight to fifteen learners). Classes are multi-age groups and are non-credit and non-graded. Village Home also provides opportunity for exploration beyond the classroom.

Interested in making Village Home your home away from home? Learn more about us:

Read through our website and explore our exciting slate of offeringsSchedule an info session, call (503) 597-9100, or email We love meeting families who are homeschooling veterans as well as those exploring independent learning outside of traditional school for the first time.

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Some people take lots of classes, and some only take a few. Keep in mind we have three 10-week terms.   Most classes and activities are designed to run all year, in 3 terms of 10 weeks each. See calendar at for term dates. Learners enrolled in any particular class during a term are automatically pre-enrolled for the continuing term(s) in that year, but are not obligated to continue, but most learners continue in the same classes all year.  Each term, a few brand new classes will begin, and most continuing classes accept mid-year enrollment.

Our Additional Services: In addition to weekly classes and clubs, we also offer one-on-one tutoring, field trips, events, standardized testing services, travel programs, and more. Learn more about our programs here.