Working at Village Home

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” — Robert Frost

Current Job Openings

  1. Part-time Instructional Assistant / Facilities Closer. See job description here. Apply online by clicking on the application link below. Position starts September 2018.
  2. Part-time instructors, all subjects, all ages to teach in the 2018-19 academic year. Taking applications and proposals beginning January.

Read the information below to complete an APPLICATION and at least one COURSE PROPOSAL for consideration. Applicants that do not have both pieces complete will not be considered.

Interested in Teaching a Class At Village Home?

Village Home Education Resource Center seeks innovative out-of-the-box facilitators/instructors/teachers to design and lead classes  for children ages 3 through 18, and adult classes too.  To apply, you must complete an Employee Application AND a Course Proposal.  We seek facilitators/instructors/teachers who use innovative, hands-on, relational methods in their instruction, and who enjoy teaching in progressive, out-of-the-box settings. Our teachers are wildly and authentically enthusiastic about their subject matter. Here, teachers design their classes based on their interests, with a keen eye for responding to the needs and interests of the children. Classes are test-free and grade-free, although classes designed as “homework required” do require out of class time to provide feedback.  Regular classroom supplies are available, and classes with special materials or books, will have a ‘materials fees’ added to the course fees.

We free up our teachers to focus on creating inspiring learning moments in the classroom, without a bunch of administrative overhead, or time spent in class testing and assessing. Here, it is the learner’s job to learn, and the teacher’s job to allow them to and to inspire them to continue learning after class.  At Village Home, learners choose their classes, so they come into the room engaged and ready to learn.

We do not require teaching certification. We are simply looking for teachers who inspire learners and who work well with a variety of learning styles. We value experience directly related to the subject matter, as well as to teaching in general. We also welcome professionals who want to volunteer their time in the classroom to teach an hour or two a week.

Qualifications of our facilitator/teacher/instructor are:

– Sincerely passionate about subject matter
– Believes the role of the teacher is to inspire, rather than just impart knowledge
– Self-driven and independent
– Able to design own curriculum
– Values a classroom that is collegial and non-authoritative
– Prefers multi-sensory, hands-on, active learning methods of teaching
– Flexible and responsive to learners
– Able to work with a variety of ages and needs within a group
– Able to work closely with parents

Applying for a Job as a Facilitator/Instructor/Teacher 

First, complete an online employment application. Once you have completed an application, you submit a class proposal. We want to know what you want to do in the classroom. On the Course Proposal Form, you will be asked for information to help us make a decision as to whether your class concept will fit into our program. You will be asked to describe your class as it would appear in a catalog listing.  Our Program Committee will review all proposals, and select proposals for follow-up.

If your class is chosen for follow-up, we will invite you for an in-depth interview with members of the Program Committee where you will be asked to share a 10-minute mini lesson. During this time, we are interested in how you interact with students and how you run a class, more than what you are teaching. If you prefer, you can teach a mini lesson on shoe-tying. If you have any questions about the proposal process, or the Village Home program, please contact

Teaching Schedule

Most classes are offered in a three-term series, beginning in the Fall. Each term is 10 weeks long. Most classes meet one hour a week; some middle and high school level offerings meet two hours per week. A handful of one-term offerings often appear in the Winter and Spring terms. Classes are generally held Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 9:30 am and 4:00 pm. We have two campuses in the Portland area and a campus in Salem.  Most teachers lead 2-3 classes per week.

Classes and Member Activities

Village Home offers classes  in these areas:

Art, Computers and Technology, Drama, History, Language Arts, Math, Music, PE and Dance, Science, Foreign Language, Social Studies and Geography

Inter-disciplinary and project-oriented classes and activities are very popular. Some examples of inter-disciplinary classes in the past have been Literature Seminars such as “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings” that bring science, art, drama, language arts, and history into the classroom around a common theme. “Math Artistry”, which weaves geometry and other math disciplines into visual arts, is another popular course.

Classes at Village Home are small, with an average of 12 students per class. Most classes have a maximum of 15 students, and most classes have an age range of at least 2-3 years. Parents are welcome in the class anytime, and often siblings are in classes together.

Classes are taught by paid instructors, and students pay tuition to attend. Clubs are offered at a reduced rate to Member families, and are led by parent-volunteers. While some Clubs are as comprehensive and rigorous as classes, often the atmosphere is more casual and participants are encouraged to share leadership in the class.


Instructors are paid per class hour of instruction between $25 – 35 per class hour. Most new instructors start at $25 per class hour; in some cases, applicants with exceptional experience, skills, or knowledge, may have a higher starting pay. Village Home does not pay for prep time or travel time. Payroll is processed monthly on the last day of the month. Success is measured by: (1) enrollment (2) attendance (3) retention from term-to-term (4) Feedback from learners (5) Feedback from parents (6) Direct observation.

When You Are Hired

All instructors and facilitators will complete paperwork which includes a background check. VH faculty members are hired as employees (not contractors), and are paid monthly.  You accrue paid-time-off in accordance with the schedule outlined in the Employee Handbook, but no medical or retirement benefits are available at this time.

Job Requirements
1) Plan and lead an exciting, engaging class that is collegial and inspires students to know more about the subject.
2) Submit a syllabus (brief description of lesson-by-lesson activities) prior to the beginning of each term.
3) Take attendance weekly, and conduct occasional administrative duties, such as fire drills.
4) Keep up with email and phone communication, and proactively communicate during the term with parents and learners.
5) If you design a homework class, providing feedback on homework is also required.
Participation in annual events and open houses are voluntary, but strongly encouraged. Prior to the beginning of the Fall term, we host a complimentary training day that is unpaid, and attendance is highly recommended. Upon your hire date, you will receive an employee handbook with Village Home policy and procedures.

Apply to join our team of happy educators!