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Village Home provides an alternative to conventional schooling, where learners are empowered to create an engaging and fully customized education with the guidance of their family. Learners choose their classes and enjoy learning without testing or grading. We are the home-away-from-home for over 400 preK – high school happy learners. Experience real choices for real learning on one of our three campuses in the Portland and Salem areas.

Beaverton and Portland Registration Now Open!
Salem Registration is Now Open!
Spring Term begins April 3.

Why Village Home?

Village Home is an award-winning learning community. Take one class, or many; it is up to you. Engaging teachers, family-friendly campuses, and a non-standardized approach allows learners  to pursue their interests and foster their natural drive to learn. In our grade-free, test-free classes, learning is active and fun.  Since 2002, we have served thousands of successful learners.

Why Homeschooling?


Most Village Home learners are homeschoolers, and the parents serve as the education manager for their own kids. Some parents rely completely on classes at Village Home for their child’s education, and some parents provide most of their child’s direct instruction at home and come to Village Home for “extras”.  We are happy to serve you on your customized education path.

Catalog & Registration


Village Home’s Spring 2017  Course Catalog is now online and new enrollments accepted throughout the year.  Learners are free to choose from over 200 classes a week to create a custom schedule for kids preK through high school in all subject areas.  Beginning Week six of the term, tuition is 50% off for the remainder of the term. Most classes (not all) accept mid-term enrollment.

A Look at Village Home

VH Teens Address Educator at Alternative Education Conference

Support Us

We depend on tax-deductible contributions to bring our innovative, engaging, high-quality education programs to families. We are proud to provide a learning environment that inspires intrinsic-motivation to learn. VH is a 501(c)-3 (tax ID # 43-1980251).

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