Tuition & Fees

Village Home is in session for three, 10-week terms between September and June. We are proud to be able to offer high-quality, engaging classes for such an affordable price. Some classes like lab science, art, and technology classes will be higher due to class material fees. In addition to classes, clubs, and competitive teams, we also offer field trips and workshops, parent enrichment programs, and travel opportunities. Village Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and relies on fundraising and donations from our families and friends to keep classes affordable and accessible, we provide over $30,000 in Financial Aid annually.

2019/20 Tuition for Classes

Class tuition starts at $110 for 10 hours of instruction. Clubs are led by volunteer parents and are offered at $25 for 10 hours, Financial Aid may be applied to class tuition and clubs. Classes such as lab science, art, and technology classes may be higher due to class material fees or book costs

Materials & Book Fees

Materials fees will typically be added to science, tech, and art classes ($5 – $20) to cover class specific supplies or to cover the cost of a required text that is purchased on your behalf. In some cases, we will include an Amazon product link in the description and instruct you to purchase the text or product directly and bring it the first day of class.

Community Volunteer Program

To keep tuition affordable, and to be a part of the community,  Village Home encourages all families to participate in Community Volunteer program. We understand that busy parents are juggling a lot, so our Community Volunteer Program makes it easy to contribute your time and talent to your community. Volunteer duties vary from just a couple of hours to a weekly commitment. are between 3 -5 hours each 10-week term. There are tasks and special projects throughout the year requiring more time for those who would like to help more than 5 hours each term. Community volunteering can be done by an adult friend or relative on behalf of another family.

Community Duty Details and Duties

Refund Policy

There is a 2 week Add/Drop period at the beginning of each term. Full tuition refunds are available when classes are dropped before 5 pm the day of the SECOND class meeting. After the Add/Drop period, there are NO tuition refunds. Materials and textbook fees may not be refundable. If your student misses a class, or is asked to leave a class because of disciplinary reasons, there is no refund.  If Village Home cancels a class, you receive a refund of tuition and material fees.

Payment Options

Tuition and Fees may be paid in full at time of registration or put on a payment plan with a credit card on file. Balances must be paid in full in the current term before a family can register for future terms. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Ways to Save on Tuition

We strive to keep tuition affordable. Here are some ways to save:

  1. Refer a friend.  Earn $20 off a class if you refer a friend who signs up for the first time with Village Home for at least one class (does not apply to clubs). Then, you stop by the office to claim your $20 off coupon (credit) after the add/drop period.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid. We disburse over $30,000 a year in financial aid to families who qualify. See the Financial Aid section below for details.
  3. Apply for and get placed in a Community Duty Plus job, and get a discount on classes.

Priority Registration

Priority Registration happens a few days prior to Regular Registration. Families in Priority Registration often get their first choices of classes.  There are several ways to qualify for Priority Registration: (1) Be on the faculty/staff/board, (2) Enroll in the Day Program, (3) Donate $250 or more between August 13, 2018 – June 30, 2019, (4) Put your family’s name in the lottery for one of five Priority Registration spots.

Financial Aid

Limited need-based financial aid is available for the all Village Home campuses and is awarded in the summer for the entire year. Deadline for first consideration is July 19, 2019.

Click to complete the 2019/20 Online Financial Aid Application