The Garden Experiment Featuring Village Home

The Garden Experiment — August 1 is Featuring Village Home. Be a part of the conversation!

Imagine working in a classroom or conference room that vibrates with
curiosity, collaboration, and innovation. What could we accomplish? We could change the world.

The Garden Experiment Featuring Village Home
Saturday, August 1, 2020

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST

Village Home parents, teachers, and learners are welcome — at the upcoming Garden Experiment, Village Home will be featured as an example of what is possible in education, and we want our community to participate in the converstaion! Come and be a part of the general conversation as it unfolds at the Garden Experiment featuring Village Home, or, if you are interested in sharing your perspectives as a “panelist”, please let us know.

To sign up, click HERE (Village Home parents and learners can attend at no charge — email lori.walker(at)villagehome(dot)org to get the coupon code.)

This is an incredible opportunity for a select group of instructors, parents, and learners from Village Home to: 

  • articulate and express what they love about VH
  • collaboratively discuss goals and dreams for the future of education, and for our community
  • show parents and youth who don’t know about VH just how amazing this learning community is
  • enlist the support of LTPN’s community of change-makers in meeting our objectives to increase the number of learners, deepen our connections with each other (especially online), and prepare our learners to thrive in a world that is currently changing at a rapid pace
  • make connections with other life-long learners and create a brighter future… together!

Some of our learners are working with LTPN to create a place where VH alumni can take their next steps through mentoring and internships in a community that operates on the same principles VH does, so this is especially important for those teachers and parents with older youth. Here’s more information about the Youth Advisory Council for LTPN.

More information Living the Potential Network and the Garden Experiment Project.

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