Board Members

The Parent Executive Board consists of 3 to 15 Board Members, who are appointed by the Board, and who serve 1 year renewable terms. The Board seeks to have a number of skill sets at the table, among them:  Accounting, Legal, Business, Education, and Fundraising. The Board also seeks to have a variety of Village Home voices represented at the table: veteran families, teen, tween and young families, all campus locations, teachers and/or facilitators, and people who are both inside and outside the building regularly. Students are represented on the Board via the Learner’s Council.

The Parent Executive Board meets approximately five times annually, and the meetings are open to the public. The President of the Board can be emailed at

Mike Davis

Mike is a CPA with 15 years accounting experience, having worked with a broad range of businesses from small to large and for-profit and not-for profit. He understands the financial tools necessary for an organization to operate efficiently and effectively. “My family has been associated with Village Home since 2005 when my children started attending classes. My wife and I felt that one of the most important lessons we could offer our young boys was that learning is life-long and should be cherished, a philosophy exemplified at Village and by its families. I contribute my time and experience in a way that will benefit Village Home and its Board.”

Lauren Iscoff

If crafting was a super power, Lauren Iscoff would be saving the world one metropolis at a time. Often times she can be spotted toting around her brood of boys with a cup of coffee in hand and a smile on her face. She is passionate about history and art, having completed her BA in History at UCLA. Redirecting her energies into her family, she has channeled her interests into a designer education for her three boys. In 2013, she and her family moved to Oregon and shortly after that began attending classes at Village. She has been an active member of the community and loves being able to be apart of such a vivacious learning environment.

Missy Meskell

Missy Meskell graduated with honors from Santa Clara University in 1993, and then returned to her North Pole, Alaska, hometown to teach, coach basketball, and facilitate retreats at a Jr/Sr high school college prepatory program in nearby Fairbanks. After her own children were born, she chose to homeschool them and, since 1997, has homeschooled her four children in Alaska, Colorado, Texas, and, for the past 5 years, Oregon. Missy has been an active community member in each of these locales: she has done volunteer counseling for teens and young adults; been a Treasurer and board member for a nonprofit; volunteered with Heifer International in three states; been involved in various homeschool groups and support groups as a writer, educator, and facilitator; and has been an active supporter of local book stores wherever she goes. Her favorite homeschooling adventures, thus far, have been supporting her children’s businesses, Cards for Cows and Freedom Blocks, coaching and observing her kids’ championship DI teams, figuring out how to backpack with multiple children under age 10, and, it goes without saying, finding a home within Village Home. Missy firmly believes that Village Home is the greatest learning environment, ever, for kids of all interests across the learning spectrum, because Village Home appreciates the power of choice-based education to enable kids of all abilities and backgrounds to creatively develop their best selves, and creates an environment which genuinely celebrates those developments at all levels. She occasionally daydreams of – someday – having her children’s children be part of a community like Village Home.

Sarah Bellendaine

Originally from California, Sarah declined to return to the corporate life in Silicon Valley after motherhood. These days, when not homeschooling her children and knitting, she moonlights as the co-director of the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US, La Leche League’s national breastfeeding help call center.

Deborah Mueller

Originally from Pennsylvania, Deborah has lived in Oregon since 2009, with her husband and four children, all of whom attend and love Village Home. After three years of study at Penn State University, Deborah moved to Hawaii, where she obtained her B.A. and M.A. in French Language and Literature, and then her law degree, from the University of Hawaii. Until she made the decision to become a stay-at-home Mom and homeschool educator, Deborah worked as an associate attorney, practicing commercial litigation, in Honolulu. Her family’s homeschooling journey began eight years ago in Hawaii, and continued in Washington, D.C., where the Muellers lived for several years before relocating to Oregon. At Village Home, Deborah has found a sense of community that she had not found anywhere else. An assistant teacher during her kids’ first year at Village Home, Deborah now teaches several of her own classes and thoroughly enjoys every aspect of being a parent and instructor in such a wonderful community. “Village Home redefined homeschooling for our family. In this unique and special environment, we’ve found other parents who share and encourage our learning goals. The children at Village Home are inspiring. They’re inquisitive, diligent, respectful, and happy! I enjoy raising my children in this community and love supporting this educational treasure as a member of the Board.”

Kathy Pippin

Kathy is the mother of three children and her family has been a part of the Village Home community for three years. She grew up in Kansas and moved west to attend Stanford University on a golf scholarship.  After graduating with a degree in Public Policy, Kathy lived and worked in the Bay Area, where she had a successful career in technology sales. She and her husband, Chris, also lived in La Quinta, California, and Bend, Oregon, before settling in Beaverton. When she is not homeschooling her children, she enjoys traveling, watching sports, and playing golf with her family. She looks forward to serving the Village Home community as a member of the Board of Directors.

Blanka Vlasak

Blanka is cross-pollinator with unique blend of expertise in strategy, product development, finance, and business development. She currently works as finance manager at Intel Capital, and spends her days immersed in world of startups and inspiring new technologies.  Blanka is passionate about innovation and education, and combination of the two is what brought her to Village Home. “Village is full of kids that LOVE school and that is the greatest gift that we can give them. In fact, learning the ‘Village-way’ is a legacy we have to pass on to the future generations. Village is education as it should be.” Blanka spends the little free time she has with her family hiking, playing games, reading, and writing.

Molly Mulvaney

Molly loves homeschooling her 14 year old son and was delighted to find Village Home three years ago. Currently, she splits her time between Portland and Cordova, Alaska. Village Home is the reason she, her husband and their son winter in Oregon. Born and raised in western New York, Molly graduated from the University of Virginia and attended law school at Lewis and Clark in Portland. She maintains a small, part-time practice in Cordova. In another life, she commercially fished for halibut, cod and salmon in Kodiak and Dutch Harbor for eleven summer seasons. An enthusiastic life learner, she is excited to be on the board supporting Village Home and homeschooling in general. “It means so much to me and my family to be in a setting where our choices are normalized, validated, supported and celebrated. I want to do what I can so that anyone who makes this choice can feel this way too.”

Sarah Clark

Sarah is a stay at home mother of two boys both attending Village Home Salem. She is originally from California, her husband served 12 years in the United Stated Navy. Once they started a family it was clear they would homeschool to navigate around deployments and moves. After being medically retired from the Navy thier search for a slower lifestyle with a supportive homeschool community lead them to Salem. Sarah has had years of childcare and preschool teaching experience. She is continuing her studies in Environmental Sciences and enjoys doing pretty much anything creative. She serves as PAC president at the Salem campus and is committed to creating a welcoming connection with parents. Sarah and her family live in Stayton where the enjoy gardening, art, and exploring beautiful Oregon.