Village Home Teacher, Loriann Schmidt, Quoted in NYT

By Amelia Nierenberg Oct. 14, 2020 Illustration by Natalia Ramos

We asked readers across the country how they are tackling these new challenges. Here is what they said.

…”One of the ways I’m bringing that out is the use of virtual backgrounds for the kids. Rather than it being a distraction, having a daily challenge for a cool background is allowing kids to bring their creativity to the classroom. Each week, I give a super open-ended theme and then the kids get to show up with their cool backgrounds. Also, I spend about 10 minutes at the beginning of the class with a home scavenger hunt. Everything is very open-ended, so nobody has to feel bad about not having that exact object. “Find something that you could use to …” and the choices are “fix a robot satellite,” etc. It’s 10 minutes out of their day that enables them to be creative and they’re much more willing to engage in class after that. Loriann Schmidt, a middle school and high school teacher at Village Home Education Resource Center, Beaverton, Ore.

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