Registration System FAQ

You can reach our new Registration System here.

From the main landing page, when you have already created an account, log in where it says “Please sign in!” Shown in image below.

From the main landing page, you can Create an Account – Just follow the instructions to fill out the information about you and your family.


Classes can be found under the “Booking” block in the center of the Main Screen.

From there, you can select “find a class”.

Registration may be on a request system or live enrollments depending on when you visit our site.

See this page for details about our request period.

Class Details Page:

Select learner to register:

Add to Cart:

In Cart:

Please select from the available options:

1. Pay in full – due 10 days prior to the start of classes.
2. 3 Installments (payment plan)– when selected, this option will for 4 due dates approximately as follows: 1st payment is due 10 days prior to the start of classes, the next 3 are due periodically after that.
3. Charter School – only for use by families using charter school funds to pay for Village Home classes. If this applies to you, please also fill out this form. If your charter funds are unavailable for any reason, payment IN FULL is due by the end of week 8.

From this point, the cart/checkout process follows. You may continue shopping for classes, or proceed to checkout.

Request Confirmation:

REMEMBER: This is NOT an enrollment, but a request.  Please see our Advanced Request Page for more details on this process.

After the request portion of our registration period has ended and requests processed, the system will be opened for live enrollment.
Any spaces in classes will be offered online on a first-come-first-served basis through the Add/Drop period.  Please see Advance Registration Requests for details.  See calendar for registration related dates.



1. You will be able to make requests for classes that create time conflicts in your learner’s schedule. If you do this, only the first randomly processed request will result in an enrollment. Any conflicting requests that come after will not be processed. Please watch your requests for time conflicts to avoid disappointment later. (PRO TIP: Once you’ve “checked out” with your requests, you can view all of them in the Enrollment section linked on the left navigation bar, and use the view enrollment link and drop button to release any accidental double bookings)

2. You will only be able to make requests for classes/clubs for learners who are within the stated age range on Sept 1. Requests for learners outside of the stated age range will happen for everyone in September (dates to be announced).

Entering the Parent Portal, your account box will contain everything you need to service your account – drop classes, make payments, look up transaction history.

From here, you can see enrollments as you click on the “enrollments” button on each student’s tab:

Enrollments are listed:

And from here you can also DROP classes:

In iClassPro, the system is designed like an accounting system with a ledger rather than an invoice. The ledger will contain only the payments that are due next, be they the full payment or the next installment. Please note, if you are on installment payments, you will not see your total amount due.

From the main screen, select the Accounts button:


iClassPro has a single, scrollable screen or you can navigate using the tabs to jump to sections of this screen.

Payment section
1. Total outstanding amount. THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY YOUR FULL TUITION AMOUNT. If you are on installments, shows only amount due at this time including any outstanding charges that are beyond their due date.
2. Last payment amount. Displays the last payment made on the account.
3. Due within 30 days. Shows any charges that are due within the next 30 days.
4. Non-applied credit. Shows any funds that have been paid on the account, but not applied to charges. You may wish to pay ahead of a future charge to your account. Unapplied funds will be posted against charges once those have been placed on the account.
5. Overdue charges. Any charges on the account that have not been paid by their due date
6. Balance Due. THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY YOUR FULL TUITION AMOUNT. If you are on installments, shows only amount due at this time including any outstanding charges that are beyond their due date. Your full balance may be higher.

Payment Information On File
Click on Add Payment Information to add a credit/debit card to your account so that payments can be run automatically or can be used when you elect to pay early. Village Home accepts VISA and MasterCard.

Recent Transactions
Displays all the recent transactions of the account.
1.  THIS MAY NOT NECESSARILY SHOW YOUR FULL TUITION BALANCE. If you are on installments, this area will only show charges made to your account in the amount of the next payment due and any outstanding charges that are beyond their due date.
2. Generate Statement. If you need a statement for taxes, charter school reimbursements, or other reasons, this will generate a printable statement for your records.

From the Parent Portal screen -select Account

Be sure to select a class/club tuition to apply the payment to and enter the payment amount. The minimum payment we will accept online is $25.

Note: If you have a payment currently due, the system will show you the Make a Payment dialogue box as soon as you login into your account.

Our registration system is best when used with the following browsers (listed in order of preference):
* Chrome or Firefox (most recent version)
* Safari
* Microsoft Edge
* Opera

Note that performance, page content, etc. may be affected by your browser.

The Request System is an easy way for you to let us know what classes you’d like to enroll your learner(s) in without having to be on your computer at a specified time. The request window is more than 2 weeks where you can shop for classes at your convenience and indicate your intention to enroll. A REQUEST IS CONSIDERED A BINDING INTENT TO BE ENROLLED.

Our more popular classes fill quickly and the Request System allows many of our learner(s) to express interest in taking the class and then allowing a randomizer to enroll learner(s). The randomizer is only used if the class is over-requested after the request window is closed.

A Request to Enroll will look differently on your Enrollment screen. It will state that the enrollment is being actively requested.

You will receive an email alerting you when your Request is processed and whether or not your learner(s) is fully enrolled in a class. You may also check your Enrollments screen to see if the request was approved.

After our Request Window has closed, the system will be open to Live Registration filling any remaining spots in the class on a first come first served basis.

Our Registration System has made their system work wonderfully from all mobile browsers eliminating the need for a mobile app.  Simply follow this link to get to our new Parent Portal from your browser and use the system there.

We ask that all families planning to use charter school funds to pay for Village Home classes, take a few moments to fill out our handy informational form. This helps us track money coming in from various charters and helps you out by putting your payment out enough so that your charter has enough time to pay. If your charter funds are unavailable for any reason, payment IN FULL is due by the end of week 8.