All About Registration

Before registering for classes and clubs, be sure Village Home is a good fit for your family. We serve experienced homeschoolers as well as those exploring independent learning outside of traditional school for the first time. Some of our learners are also enrolled in an online charter school or an early college program. See Getting Started and Our Philosophy for more information.

In addition to weekly classes and clubs (currently Virtual Village Online), we also offer Rivers Day Program, Voyagers Outside, Social+ Learning Pods, one-on-one tutoring, competitions and bees, field trips, events, standardized testing services, travel programs, and more. Learn more about all of our programs here.

Please involve your children in the conversation about which classes to sign up for. Follow their interests and enroll them in classes they desire — we know that learning is effective and fun when the learner is able to choose their classes and own their learning.

Need more information? Schedule an Info Session, email, or call and leave a message at (503) 597-9100.

Steps to Complete Registration

In order to participate in classes, clubs, and community at Village Home, parents must do the following:

  1. Create or Login to your family account in iClassPro. Complete family account information and keep it up to date. 
  2. Select the classes and clubs you want to register for online. 
  3. Sign our Docusign waiver and agreement document (will be sent in a separate email). (annually)
  4. Attend a Parent Orientation Session, or view the online Parent Orientation. (annually)

1. How to Create (or update) Your Family Account

If you are new to Village Home, please click “Family Login” (above) and then “Create New Account” (Please note, we have a new system starting in 2019. If you previously had an account with us, you must open a new account.)  Be sure to keep your account up-to-date; it helps us keep everyone safe.  For assistance, please see the Registration FAQ.

2. Registration: Make Advance Requests and/or Register Online

For Fall:  Registration may be on a request basis or live enrollment depending on when you visit our site.  In order to accommodate the demand for spaces in our exciting classes, we are using a request-system for the first portion of our registration period. All requests made during the request period are treated equally and enrollments in over-requested classes are accommodated randomly. Requests that are processed into enrollments will be visible in your Parent Portal.  After the request portion of our registration period has ended and requests processed, the system will be opened for live enrollment. Any spaces in classes will be offered online on a first-come-first-served basis through the Add/Drop period.  Please see Advance Registration Requests for details.  See calendar for registration related dates. 

For Winter and Spring: If you are enrolled in a class in a current term, your seats in your current classes will be reserved for you in the next term automatically. This system insures that your learner won’t lose a spot in a class mid-year.  If there are classes you do not wish to continue into the next term, simply request to drop it prior to the first day of registration for the next term. 

3. Adding or Dropping a Class

Adding a class: You may add classes anytime between the opening of registration and the end of the add/drop period. The add/drop period is the first two weeks of the term in Fall and the first week in Winter and Spring.

Dropping a class: You must drop by the end of the day of the second class meeting in the Fall Term, and by 5pm on the last day of the add/drop period in Winter and Spring Term to receive a refund/credit.  After the add/drop period, there are no refunds for tuition and fees for dropped classes. Drop requests may be made online and are subject to approval. 

4. Priority Registration

Priority registration is an advantage because families with Priority Registration often get their first choices of classes.   Contact us if you would like to explore this option. The following families may qualify for Priority Registration:
(1) Faculty/Staff/Board Members
(2) Day Program Participants
(3) Qualifying donors (See our Donor Levels Here).
(5) Put your family’s name in the hat for one of five spots randomly chosen for the Priority Registration Lottery here.

For more information, please see our FAQ, or call us at 503-597-9100.