Picture Days!

It’s that time of year again! PICTURE DAY! 

Get your learner’s picture taken and order prints for creating memories or for giving as holiday gifts! 

Obviously, this year things will look a little different because we want to keep everyone safe while offering this option to our families. 

Dorian Studios will be on the Beaverton and Salem campuses to provide this opportunity to our community. Dorian has been closely monitoring and following CDC guidelines as they’ve continued to offer school pictures in 2020. It’s changed how they schedule and the general operations of picture day, but the protocols they’ve put in place have made it possible to continue to safely offer their services to local schools and organizations. 

Please read all information carefully before signing up. NOTE: All protocol must be followed for participation. 

Salem Campus: Tuesday, Nov. 10, starting at 4:00 p.m. (215 Hrubetz Rd. SE, Salem, OR, 97302)
Beaverton Campus: Friday, Nov. 13, starting at 4:00 p.m. (5150 SW Watson Ave. Beaverton, OR 97007) 

How registration works: 

We’re booking appointments in 10 minute blocks with 11 participants per ten minute block. We are opening one hour of 10 minute blocks (from 4-5 p.m.) and we will add 10 minute blocks as necessary after the first hour fills. This is the procedure for both campuses. This is to use Dorian and Village Home staff member’s time as efficiently as possible. Upon registration, if you find that the timeslots are all full, please contact the office and we will add more blocks to the schedule. NOTE: You will need to arrive 10 minutes before your assigned time for check in procedures. (e.g. if your scheduled time block is 4:00 – 4:10 p.m., please arrive promptly at 3:50) Late arrivals will be asked to wait outside or in their cars until another time slot becomes available. 

Note: All participants must register before arriving. No walk-ins will be accommodated for this event for safety purposes.

Register Here (Beaverton): Beaverton Picture Day

Register Here (Salem): Salem Picture Day

Protocol for Picture Day

  • Masks must be worn at all times. Masks will be removed for about 20 seconds for the learner having their picture taken only. 
  • There will be one entry into the building and one exit out of the building. 
    • Beaverton:  The entry for pictures will be at the back of the building (because there is an awning in case of rain) and the exit will be the door out of the Alcott classroom into the courtyard between Village Home and the church
    • Salem: The entry for pictures will be the main entrance to the campus.  Line will form outside under the covered passageway.  Exit will be the side door by the bathrooms.
  • Parents will check in and drop off at the entrance and then move around to the exit (as directed upon arrival) for pick-up after the photo has been taken. 
  • Parents are not allowed inside the building during the photo shoot in order maintain low numbers of people in the building at one time for safety 
  • Bathrooms are not available for use while on campus

Upon arrival: (10 minutes before your scheduled block of time) 

  • If you arrive early, please stay in your car until 10 minutes before your scheduled block of time
  • 10 minutes before your block of time, line up outside, 6 ft apart on the marked X’s
  • COVID contact tracing questions will be asked of all parents in line  
  • At your turn, parent brings learner(s) to the designated entry
  • Learner(s) temperature will be taken 
  • Hand sanitizer will be administered 
  • Learner(s) will be escorted down the hall into the classroom by a VH staff member or guided to the line in the hallway, also spaced 6 ft. apart on marked X’s 
  • Learner will be called into the classroom for photo at their turn by a VH staff member 
  • Learner will have photo taken and promptly exit through the exit door to the waiting parent 

How ordering picture packages works:

Before-the-Holidays arrival Pre-Order: If you are looking to have pictures available before the holidays (mainly Christmas) you can do so one of two ways: 

  1. You can order photos online STARTING NOW by going to www.dorianstudio.com and searching for “Village Home Education Resource Center” and finding the picture of your learner. The online pre-order window is now through Friday, Nov. 13 at 7:00 p.m. After this date/time picture packages cannot be guaranteed for delivery before the holiday. 
  2. You can fill out an order form in person when you arrive for your pictures (we will provide this at the check-in table), have payment available (a check made out to Dorian Studios or your credit card information provided on the order form), and submit the order form that day. 

Pictures are expected to be delivered to Village Home by the 2nd week of December. 

NOTE: In choosing this pre-order option, PHOTOS CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS and picking them up on either the Salem or Beaverton campus is your only option for receiving your photos. 

You will receive an email from our Village Home office in the weeks ahead about the available day and time that you can come pick up your Dorian photo package on your home campus. 

After-the-Holidays arrival Standard Order: If you’re not concerned about having your photo packages arrive in time for the holidays, you will have multiple options for ordering online from Dorian Studios at www.dorianstudio.com. They will send out periodic reminders a few times throughout the months following picture day, asking if you’d like to order photo packages or order more photos in addition to your original package before deleting the photos. Check your email regularly for these reminders. NOTE: If you choose to purchase after the pre-order window, a home delivery option WILL be the ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE for an additional fee. 

Pick-up vs. Delivery Explanation: The reason for the no home delivery service for the pre-orders and the home delivery service for the standard online order has to do with their distribution center’s ability to print the photos and ship them individually while guaranteeing arrival by the holiday deadline, due to then having to rely on the postal service. The fastest and easiest way to ensure proper speedy delivery is to have them delivered to one location – our Beaverton and Salem campuses – and have us distribute them to you via pick-up. 

ID Cards: Everyone who registers and gets their picture taken will receive a Village Home photo ID card at the time of pictures.

Additional things to note: 


There is only one background color option this year – blue. This is due to the photographer not wanting to get close to the students having their photo taken to switch the background color on the backdrop. 

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