Job Description – Teacher Facilitator

Village Home Instructor/Facilitator Job Description

Village Home Education Resource Center seeks innovative out-of-the-box facilitators/instructors to design and lead classes for children ages 3 through 18. To apply, you must complete an Employee Application AND a Course Proposal.  

We seek facilitators/instructors/teachers who use innovative, hands-on, relational methods in their instruction, and who enjoy teaching in progressive, out-of-the-box settings. Our teachers are wildly and authentically enthusiastic about their subject matter. Here, teachers design their classes based on their interests, with a keen eye for responding to the needs and interests of the learners. Classes are test-free and grade-free, although classes designed as “homework required” do require out of class time to provide feedback.  Our teachers focus on creating inspiring learning moments in the classroom. Here, it is the learner’s job to learn, and the teacher’s job to inspire them to continue learning after class; we support learner autonomy and encourage learners to “own their learning”. Teachers work in partnership with the parents, who serve as their children’s primary educator.


Design and deliver engaging lesson plans that inspire learners.

Differentiate instruction using hands-on, active learning techniques.

Create a collaborative classroom environment that supports belonging and peer-to-peer learning.

Manage classroom with a collegial, respectful demeanor that supports self-directed learning.

Remain committed to the education approach of Village Home.

Work cooperatively with learners and parents. Communicate regularly with parents.

Collaborate with staff to ensure required supplies and classroom needs are met.

Arrive in time to set up lessons as needed. Maintain classroom space after class. Take attendance.

Attend trainings and faculty meetings.

Participate in the Village Home community.

Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities

Ability to design and deliver interdisciplinary lessons that are responsive to learners in multi-age, grade-free classrooms.

Ability to build rapport in a classroom with a collegial, fun-spirited attitude that supports belonging and community.

Desire to teach in a progressive, learner-centered, family-oriented environment.

Ability to apply technology as necessary.

Ability to communicate clearly with learners, parents, and colleagues.

Minimum of two years teaching experience.

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent education. Master’s degrees and teaching certification is a plus.

Familiarity with homeschool communities, and various approaches to homeschooling.

Alignment with Village Home education model.

Physical Requirements

Able to actively move on campus to  keep the learners safe, obtain equipment and supplies, and actively move with learners.

Able to lift 30 pounds.


$25-$36 per hour of instruction