Spelling Bee 2019


Tell all of your homeschooling friends to sign up for the Spelling Bee! This is a service to the community offered by Village Home to encourage spelling and literacy. The Spelling Bee is sponsored by the EW Scripps Company and local spelling bee sponsors, the National Spelling Bee is the largest, most popular competition for word lovers in first through eighth grade. The winner of this Qualifying Bee advances to the Regional Bee sponsored by the Portland Tribune. Regional Bee winner travels to Washington, DC for the national competition.  In addition to our official Bee, we also offer a junior competition for participants in grades 3 and earlier. This low-pressure Bee is a fun way for younger spellers to get their feet wet. It occurs during the first few minutes of the regular bee.

Eligibility: Village Home’s competition is open to all homeschooled learners who have not finished 8th grade or reached the age of 15 on or before August 31, 2018. FREE to all homeschoolers in Oregon.

Register by Friday, January 25, 2019
Spelling Bee is Monday, January 28, 2019 at 1:00 pm at 5150 SW Watson Ave, in the Sousa Room


Email bees@villagehome.org with any questions.

About the Competition: This is an annual competition for word lovers in first through eighth grades. Village Home spellers have a great track record at the Spelling Bee: we’ve sent three participants to the national competition! The winner of our Village Home Bee advances to the Regional Bee, sponsored by the Portland Tribune, and the winner of the Regional Bee travels to Washington, DC for the national competition and a chance at glory.

Here are the study lists for this year’s Spelling Bee and Junior Bee!

Junior Bee words will be from the Grade 1 through Grade 3 lists.

The main Spelling Bee will use words from the Grade 4 through Grade 8 lists.

Start with the words for your grade level (if you’re not sure, start with the lowest grade for your Bee.) When you feel pretty good about those, add the words for the next grade level.

This year’s Bee will focus on the SPELLING only, but looking up the definitions of the words will help you with learning and remembering the spelling. In the advanced rounds, if we have a few really good spellers remaining, we might use some vocabulary questions to help narrow down the competition.

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