Drama Club & Thespians

Drama Club (Ages 10 & up)

(Meetings held Odd Weeks of the Term)


The Village Home Drama club is open to anyone who is interested in and dedicated to the theatrical arts on stage, back stage, and out in the front of the house. Anyone who wants to join can come be part of this unique and exciting learning experience. Each meeting we will connect, play games, learn acting techniques, and discuss ways for coming together to serve our community through the lens of the theatrical arts. In addition to our regularly scheduled meetings, by participating in the Village Home Drama Club, you will have the opportunity to attend local Thespian events, even if you are not a currently inducted Thespian.


Since 2015, Village Home hosts a chapter of the International Thespian Society. Since 2018, Village Home also hosts a Junior Thespian chapter! Each year Village Home Thespians and Junior Thespians have opportunities to play, learn, and perform at events throughout the state sponsored by Oregon Thespians, such as the Instant Theatre Day, the Junior Thespian Play Day, The Regional Acting Competition, and the State Thespian Festival in Salem. After a year of consistent participation in the VH Drama Club and participation in at least one VH production (this includes backstage and/or in the Props Design Class), you will be invited to be inducted into one of our two chapters of the International Thespian Society! Currently inducted Thespians and Junior Thespians are strongly encouraged to participate as Drama Club will serve as our meeting space for all things Thespians!


Meetings occur Week 1, Week 3, Week 5, Week 7, and Week 9 of every term. 

Drama Club is $25.00 per participant per term, plus any additional fees for events and ceremonies.   

Information about weekend events will be provided by the Drama Club/Thespian Chapter Director in the weeks prior to the event(s).

All Thespian events will require waivers to be signed and fees to be paid prior to event participation. 

Days/Times can be found on our Current Schedule of Classes.