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News for 2020:

Village Home is still busy supporting families on their unique learning journeys. Still providing community because we know that community makes learning fun. Still inspiring learners to own their learning.  Still embracing the opportunities to learn with and from a vibrant community that values diversity.  #stillavillage

We need your help to make it through this chapter. We have a long track-record of managing our finances responsibly and will make it through this pandemic to continue our mission for another twenty years. However, we have remained committed to not increasing tuition (in fact, the average tuition is lower this year), and keeping as many of our talented and committed staff and faculty employed as we can. In order to serve our families, we are running a deficit budget for the first time in our history. 

We started the 2019-20 academic year with record enrollment of over 800 learners gathering across our three campuses to learn in community as diverse homeschooling families. However, like so many other communities, the global pandemic changed our course. Village Home responded by pivoting to online learning focused on providing community continuity and a rich learning environment, despite the challenges.  Our new virtual lounges offer connection and spark creativity. This fall, we built an online course offering that reflected our community’s needs; we added classes including a study of viruses, a class on the history of protests, and focused on further diversifying the voices covered in our course materials. We launched a half-day outdoor class in a nature space so that learners can mask up and stay socially distanced while still connecting with each other. We also launched a platform to support the emotional growth of our learners in our new Social+ Learning Pods program. We continue to be responsive and relevant, despite the challenges of this complex time. “I have one kiddo with Village, one in public school, and one with a hybrid situation. Village Home has been BY FAR the easiest and best experience out of them all for both the student and the parents. We are most excited about Village and have had the least amount of stress involved.” — VH Mom, Kirsten

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