Death and Delight

BodyVox “Death and Delight”
Saturday, November 16, 2pm show
Special pricing for Village Home: $15 with code dancex (regular price $64, limited availability)
Purchase tickets here:

This is just an opportunity to attend this show with your learners. Recommended for ages 12+. We got a deal on tickets we want to share with our community! There will be no supervision, and no “block seating”.

About the show: Death and Delight, presented by Bodyvox, brings together exceptional live music with bold dancing in it’s retelling of two of Shakespeare’s classic stories. A double bill of Prokofiev’s suite from “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” set to Mendelssohn’s score, create an unforgettable evening of dance theater. BodyVox’s original brand of dance will capture the timeless power of Shakespeare’s beloved story of tragedy and love with “Romeo and Juliet.” While “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will have us all dancing in the garden of delight, as four lovers are led on a merry chase through the woods spirited hip hop fairies, misguided romance, and gender-bending role-playing. A perfectly balanced presentation of Shakespeare’s tragedy and comedy, gorgeous dance, beautiful music, and BodyVox. Perfect!

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