Vicki Woods

Vicki Woods is a wife, mom, longtime lover of the macabre and a horror film fanatic. As a child she thought she had no artistic talent, because she couldn’t stay in the lines and draw a perfect face. She was wrong and found out how amazing making HER OWN kind of art was.

In her lifetime, so far: Vicki has been a Montessori pre-school teacher, a Girl Scout leader, and worked as a group home staff for at-risk youths. For a large portion of her life she has been a photographer and worked at Kodak printing custom Black and White in the dark room.

Being that she loves horror, she adores doing SFX monster makeup and proudly worked at Knotts Scary Farm in California for many years, and more recently at The Nightmare Factory here in Salem. Vicki assists with makeup and props for the Pentacle Theater and write reviews for horror films on and The She loves making her own horror crafts and has a house full of unusual and creepy things.

Vicki’s goal is to bring her love for making weird stuff to you and show you how much fun we can have playing with things people might normally throw away. She looks forward to seeing what you do and knows it will be fabulously strange and wonderful.

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