NEW – Pre-Registration Requests


NEW this year —  highly recommended for everyone attending Beaverton & NE Portland Campuses

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Deadline to submit Requests for Fall 2016: 5pm Thursday, August 4

We want to take the stress out of the registration rush for you, and the need for you to huddle at your keyboard when registration opens. For Fall Registration only, you can make “Class Enrollment Requests” that will be processed in random order within registration groups (priority and regular)  prior to registration opening.  (Please note, Annual Members have Priority Registration status, and their requests will be processed in random order within the group of Priority registrants before we process regular registration requests in random order. To get Priority registration, simply purchase an annual membership by August 4.)

Simply fill out Advance Class Requests here by 5pm on Thursday, August 4. Please note, making a class enrollment request DOES NOT guarantee enrollment in the class.  If you miss the Advance Request Date, you will register online on your registration date.

To maximize your likelihood to get the classes you want, we highly recommend participating in the Advance Class Request system. Enrollment Requests will be processed BEFORE online registration opens for both Priority and Regular registrants. Online registration will open with the spaces that remain after the Advance Class Enrollment Requests have been processed.

How to Request Classes in Advance:

  1. Be sure you have a family login.  Please do not make duplicate accounts. Login or create a new family account here
  2. To get Member Tuition pricing, purchase an Annual or Term Membership prior to registration. Annual memberships purchased by August 4th are eligible for Priority Registration. Term memberships purchased by August 4th are eligible for Regular Registration. Anyone can participate in the Advance Class Request System, regardless of membership status.
  3.  Select Your Classes. Just click on the class code to get details about the class. Click on the instructor name to find out about the WONDERFUL instructor.  Make a list of the class codes of the classes you want. 
  4. Complete Class Request Forms (one for each individual request – don’t worry, it’s quick!) by Thursday, August 4th at 5pm.   Get a Class Request Form HERE . You will need Class Codes for all of your requested classes and your learner’s ID number (see Class Request Form for details).
  5. Our computer system will compile all class requests by registration group (Priority and Regular) and will randomly select requests to place into classes. Waitlisted requests will be added in a random timestamp order as well. As soon as your enrollment requests are processed, your classes will appear in your account. 🙂  If you want to make changes, or add more classes, you may do so online when registration opens, or you can feel free to call the office and we will take care of it for you — 503-597-9100.

Example 1:  There are 6 priority requests and 5 regular requests for a class called “Get Me In!” that has 10 slots. All 6 priority requests will be honored.  The 5 regular requests will be randomly sorted and the first 4 selected will take the remaining slots. The other 1 spot will be waitlisted.  

Example 2: There are 21 priority registration requests and 5 regular requests for the class called “Loving Learning” with 15 slots, the class will fill with the first 15 randomly selected priority requests, and will be waitlisted for the remaining 6 priority requests and for all 5 of the regular requests.



We are here to help! Phone the office for assistance at 503-597-9100.