Salem Campus

Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops July 24-28

Little Villagers ages 3-6 have workshops from 9 AM to Noon on Tuesday, July 25, Wednesday, July 26, and Thursday, July 27th. Each day is $33, or attend all three for a discount!

For older learners, each day has a theme: Monday – Animals, Tuesday – Herbs, Wednesday – Engineering, Thursday – Science, Friday – Art

Workshops for kids ages 7-10 are 9 AM to Noon on Monday – Friday, July 24-28. Choose individual days for $33 a day, or sign up for all 5 for a discount.
Workshops for kids ages 11-14 are 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM, Monday – Friday, July 24-28. Choose individual days for $33 each or sign up for all 5 for a discount.

Registration is Open Now!


Does your learner need a new perspective or intensive support in a subject area? We can help! Our tutors (click the Salem tab) are also classroom teachers at Village Home. They have plenty of experience guiding various types of learners. From our bank of tutors, we can cover almost all subject areas and grade levels. All tutors are background checked, and can meet with you at our campus or another mutually agreed on location. Please email with your tutoring requests.

  • $35 – One 50-minute Session (available for first-time clients only)
  • $175 – FIVE 50-minute tutoring sessions
  • $320 – TEN 50-minute tutoring sessions (Save $30!)

How Do I Register?

Little Villagers Puzzle it OutRegistration works best on a computer rather than mobile device. We recommend the Chrome browser. To register:

  1. Create your family account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Add classes to your cart.
  3. Check out. You may pay in full or select the payment plan option. If you would like us to invoice your charter school for classes they have approved, select the “payment plan” option and notify us of your charter school and the approved class list.

If you run into any trouble, feel free to Facebook message, email, or call us at 503-400-7854.

Cost at the Salem Campus

Silly Science in SalemMost classes at the Salem Campus run 10 weeks for a cost of $108. Some classes have small materials fee or additional sessions.

If you are using a public charter school which offers a stipend, we may be able to invoice them directly for the classes which they approve. Please contact your charter school and email if you would like to choose this option.

We have a payment plan available during checkout. It will prompt you to enter your credit card, which will be billed 3 equal monthly payments starting September 9th. If you prefer to pay in cash or by check, contact the office for help with registration by Facebook message or email (

Where is the Salem Campus?

Village Home is a secular organization, however, our campus is located at the Sunnylope Christian Reformed Church at 215 Hrubetz Rd SE, Salem OR 97302. We are just a block across Liberty from the Sunnyslope Roth’s. There is a large parking lot behind the church. From there, walk down the first path and go in the large glass double doors on the left. We have the use of the fellowship hall, stage, several classrooms, nursery, and lounge!

How Does it Work?

Silly Science at Village Home SalemWe offer engaging, hands-on classes in art, science, theater, math, and social studies areas. Kids and their families choose classes that interest them, and sign up for as few or as many as they like. Choice-based learning means that the kids who are in the classes want to be there! Our grade-free environment takes away the pressure to perform, making room for deep learning. Our teachers are always happy to share your student’s progress with you personally.

Each class has a specified age range, but that is flexible. If you think classes outside of your child’s age range will be better fit, please go ahead and register for the classes, but also contact the teachers from their profile pages to discuss whether your child has the skills and maturity level needed to participate in the planned activities.

If your children are comfortable, you may drop them off for their classes. If they need help getting from class to class, or are signed up for classes that are not back to back, they will need to have a designated adult on site to look out for them. Parents and siblings are always welcome to hang out in our lounge or nursery during and between classes. Parents are always welcome to help out with or observe classes.

Our 15 minute long passing periods and fun events give Village Home families a chance to get to know each other, strengthening our community and building your new friendships!

Who is Welcome?

All people are welcome at Village Home’s Salem Campus! Whatever your family’s approach to education and lifestyle, we are here to complement it. Our classes take a secular approach, though people of faith are welcome, of course.

Who are Village Home Learners?

Vet ScienceVillage Home students are self-directed learners who actively participate in their educational plans with their families. Parents are the managers of their children’s education, and, in most cases, learners engage in learning activities outside of Village Home. Because we have a structure based on trust that maximizes student autonomy, students must be able to manage their own learning constructively in the classroom. Village Home classrooms accommodate a wide range of academic ability, but we are not a program designed for learners with academic, emotional, or behavioral challenges that preclude them from managing their own learning constructively in the classroom.

What managing your own learning looks like:

  1. Engagement and participation in class.
  2. Respectful, age-appropriate interaction with others.
  3. Knowledge and skill prerequisites met.
  4. Completion of required work in and out of class.

Because of our small class sizes, à la carte class choices, flexible age ranges, and inclusive approach, we are able to work with students who have a variety of learning styles. While we do not have the training and resources necessary to care for children with severe allergies, medical needs, or developmental disabilities, we may be able to make participation possible for them. For instance, you are welcome to provide parental support in the classroom and we could avoiding certain ingredients in art supplies. Your child’s safety on campus is ultimately your responsibility.

If your children have special needs, please do contact us about whether VH is the right choice for them.

Who are the Staff?

Our Program Director and experienced Village Home Beaverton and Salem teacher is Loriann Schmidt. She and our Office Manager, Joy Dunlap work together to plan our offerings and keep things running smoothly.
Our additional teachers bring a passion for the subjects they teach which is sure to ignite your children’s desire to learn! Read more about them on their bio pages: