Tuition & Fees: Beaverton/Portland

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Village Home is in session for three, 10-week terms between September and June. In addition to classes, clubs, and competitive teams, we also offer field trips and workshops, parent enrichment programs, and travel opportunities. Membership is not required to enroll in classes. Member families receive access to lower tuition rates and member activities, among other benefits. Member families participate in Community Duty to receive the lowest tuition rates, or they may opt-out of Community Duty with a Buy-Out. Community Duty jobs are typically done on campus, either weekly throughout the term or all at once during an event, and require about 10 hours of time per family per term.

2016 – 2017 Tuition for Classes

Tuition for each unit of class is paid each term and is based on one hour of instruction per week for ten weeks. A payment plan is available.

Member Tuition              $ 80/class unit

Non-Member Tuition     $125/class unit

Family Membership Fee (Community Duty required)

$325/year, or $120/term

Join the community! Membership is optional, and worthwhile if you plan to attend 3 or more class units at Village Home. Enroll as a Member family, and enjoy tuition discounts as well as access to weekly Member Activities and Clubs. Members are required to volunteer for a Community Duty job, which is ten hours per term. Members have the option to buy-out of their Community Duty. A portion of your membership dues may be tax-deductible. (Consult with your tax professional.) Approximately 90% of our families are members.

Community Duty volunteers keep Village Home costs low. If you choose to be a Member, you access the lowest tuition rate, and you are committing to sign up for 10 hours per term of on-campus volunteer duty. We highly recommend scheduling your Community Duty when you enroll. Village Home does not guarantee volunteer hours will be available on any given day, or that a particular duty will be available. View Community Duty jobs (at menu on left.)

Community Duty Buy-Out

$25/class unit, up to a maximum of 8 class units ($200) per family per term

Members who would like to opt-out of performing Community Duty volunteer responsibilities can buy-out at 25/class unit per term, with a maximum of 8 class units ($200) per term. If a Member family has 3 classes and prefers not to do Community Duty, they can pay $25/class unit x 3 class units (a total of $75) to buy-out of their Community Duty for that term. A Member family who has a total of 15 class units during a term, can pay $200 ($25/class unit x 8 class units, the maximum buy-out) and no longer be required to perform their Community Duty volunteer job.

Materials Fees

Many classes do not have materials fees. Some classes/activities may have materials fees, including (but not limited to) art, science, and PE. Materials fees cover most items unique to a specific class or project. Textbooks and other non-consumables are purchased separately.

PE Class Fees

Member and non-member families alike pay $70/class unit per term for physical education classes. Any offering class code that begins with “PE” is a physical education class.

Member Activities Fees

Member Activities are offered at a discounted tuition. Any offering class code that ends in the letter “M” is a Member Activity and is for Members only.

Refund Policy

Membership Fees are non-refundable. If you drop a class during the 2 week Add/Drop period at the beginning of each term, you will get a full tuition refund. After the Add/Drop period, there are no tuition refunds. Materials may not be refundable. If Village Home cancels a class, you receive a refund of tuition and material fees.

For “Homework Required” classes: If homework assignments are not completed and turned in on time, learners will be removed from the class without a refund. Students should not register for “Homework Required” classes unless they are committed to completing homework in a timely fashion. Homework may include reading, research, writing, practicing a skill, or working on projects as assigned. Homework loads will vary from 1 to 3 hours per classroom hour.


Tuition and Fees Payments

Tuition and Fees may be paid in full at time of registration, or put on a payment plan. Payment Plans have 3 payments per term. Payment Plans are selected within the registration system.

Very Important Note: If you are trying to get on the payment plan and you don’t see the Payment Plan Box with the dates and amounts of your payments, do not click “Pay Now” (it will charge you the entire amount).

Fall Term Payment Plan dates – August 25, September 25 and October 25

Winter Term Payment Plan dates – December 25, January 25 and February 25

Spring Term Payment Plan dates – March 25, April 25 and May 25

Membership Payments

Memberships are paid in full at time of purchase.

Annual membership: $325

Term membership:  $120/term

Fall – due before registering Winter – due 11/20/2016 Spring – due 3/20/2017

Financial Aid and Payment Plans

Limited need-based financial aid is available for the Beaverton and Portland locations (no financial aid in Salem),  and is awarded in the summer for the entire year. Deadline for first consideration is July 22.

Financial Aid Application 2017

A payment plan is available, with a credit card on file.