Tuition & Fees: Beaverton/Portland

Village Home is in session for three, 10-week terms between September and June. In addition to classes, clubs, and competitive teams, we also offer field trips and workshops, parent enrichment programs, and travel opportunities. We provide over $30,000 in Financial Aid, and over $25,000 in volunteer tuition discounts annually.

2017/18 Tuition for Classes

Class Tuition Base Price $108 for 10 Hours of Instruction

Some PE & Pre-School offerings are $95 for 10 hours of Instruction

For families who purchase many classes, there is a discount of “10th Class is Free, 20th Class is Free, etc”.

Classes like lab science, art, and technology classes will be higher due to class material fees.

Registration Fee

Non-refundable $20 registration fee per family, per term.

Reliance on Volunteerism: Our Community Duty Program

To offer such low tuition prices, we rely on community volunteerism and tax-deductible contributions. We understand that busy parents are juggling a lot, but Village Home’s Community Duty makes it easy to volunteer. Every family is required to do Community Duty or may buyout of $20/class or offering.

The Community Duty obligation is signing up for either ONE “Daily Keeper” shift per term (helping out on campus for part of one day per term), OR signing up to help at a weekend event or campus clean-up. In addition, there are Community Duty PLUS Jobs which require more time or special talents. Community Duty PLUS Jobs have a benefit associated with them, such as Priority Registration and/or a small discount on your tuition (5-20%). If you want to apply for a Community Duty PLUS Job, we encourage you to do so in July.

Materials & Book Fees

If there is a product or textbook that is required that we need to provide for you, your product or textbook will be charged at checkout and provided by the teacher on the first day of class. In some cases, we will include an Amazon product link in the description and instruct you to purchase the text or product directly and bring it the first day of class. In addition, materials fees will typically be added to science, tech, and art classes ($5 – $20) to cover class specific supplies.

Priority Registration

To participate in Priority Registration, there are several ways to qualify. Families in Priority Registration often get their first choices of classes.

To qualify for Priority Registration, you have several options:
(1)  Be on the faculty/staff/board,
(2) Enroll in Choices or Day Program,
(3) Apply for and get assigned to a Community Duty PLUS Job,
(4)  Donate $250 or more between July 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017,
(5) Put your family’s name in the hat for one of five spots randomly chosen for the Priority Registration Lottery.

Refund Policy

There is a 2 week Add/Drop period at the beginning of each term.

Full tuition refunds are available when classes are dropped before 5 pm the day of the SECOND class meeting.

After the Add/Drop period, there are NO tuition refunds. Materials may not be refundable. If Village Home cancels a class, you receive a refund of tuition and material fees.

For “Homework Required” classes: If homework assignments are not completed and turned in on time, learners will be removed from the class without a refund. Students should not register for “Homework Required” classes unless they are committed to completing homework in a timely fashion. Homework may include reading, research, writing, practicing a skill, or working on projects as assigned. Homework loads will vary from 1 to 3 hours per classroom hour.

Tuition and Fees Payments

Tuition and Fees may be paid in full at time of registration, or put on a payment plan with a credit card on file. Payment Plans have 3 payments per term. Payment Plans are arranged within the registration system.

Very Important Note: If Payment Plan Box with the dates and amounts of your payments is not visible when enrolling in the Payment Plan, do not click “Pay Now” (it will charge you the entire amount).

Fall Term Payment Plan dates – August 25, September 25 and October 25

Winter Term Payment Plan dates – December 25, January 25 and February 25

Spring Term Payment Plan dates – March 25, April 25 and May 25

Financial Aid and Payment Plans

Limited need-based financial aid is available for the all Village Home campuses and is awarded in the summer for the entire year. Deadline for first consideration is July 17, 2017.

Click to complete the 2017/18 Online Financial Aid Application

A payment plan is available with a credit card on file.