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Fitzgerald FIRST LegoWelcome to Village Home, where learning is seriously fun.

We believe that learning is a naturally enjoyable process, and our choice-based alternative-to-school is designed to maximize classroom engagement and learner autonomy. We develop empowered learners connected to their families and their world. We are glad your family will be part of our community. Here’s how to get started:

1. Learn About Village Home

Read through our website and explore our exciting slate of offerings. Schedule a tour (call 503-597-9100),  email (, or stop by the main campus during office hours to ask questions. We love to meet families who are homeshooling veterans as well as those exploring independent learning outside of traditional school for the first time.

Be sure to read What Makes Village Home to see if we are a good fit for your family. We welcome (mostly) homeschooling families who take various approaches to their childrens’ education. Even though we all may have different education styles,  VH families all agree that

(a) Every child is unique, and every child deserves an education that is tailored to them.

(b) The family unit is best suited to lead children on their optimal educational paths. Parents are welcome in the classroom anytime. We expect parents to be on campus if their children are not enrolled in a class. We do offer a two-day program where learners can be dropped off between 8:30 and 3:30.

(c) Learning is a natural, joyful process, and keeping the love of learning alive is the key component for developing a life-long learner. We believe that maximizing learner autonomy supports a love of learning.

Our community serves homeschoolers, charter schoolers, and even some private and public school students. We are designed for learners with academic, emotional, or behavioral challenges that preclude them from managing their own learning constructively in the classroom. Please see Who Are VH Learners for more information.

2. Browse Offerings

Look at our offerings and decide what you want to take. To view our classes and member activities, click here to view the Current Schedule. Some people take lots of classes, and some only take a few. Keep in mind we have three 10-week terms.   Most classes and activities are designed to run all year, in 3 terms of 10 weeks each. See calendar at for term dates. Learners enrolled in any particular class during a term are automatically pre-enrolled for the continuing term(s) in that year, but are not obligated to continue. Most learners continue in the same classes all year.  Each term, a few brand new classes will begin. Most classes accept mid-year enrollment.


When shopping for classes, please note the following:

Age Ranges and Flexible/Not Flexible

Every class has a multi-year age range. Please register your children in the classes that match their age range whenever possible. It is difficult for the teacher to plan for age ranges that are wider than what is noted. If your learner is more than one year younger than the suggested age range, the enrollment is subject to review.

If a class is noted “not flexible”, you may register for the class if your learner is at least the minimum age by September 1 of the current academic year. Learners older than the age range noted are welcome to enroll anytime.

Homework Requirement

Please choose classes that fit with your educational philosophy. Classes are noted as:  “Homework Required” “Homework Optional” “No Homework”

In homework required classes, learners are expected to complete homework regularly and on time. Learners who do not complete homework in “homework required” classes may be removed without a refund. We expect parents, as the primary educator, to support homework at home.

Parent Participation Requirement

Parents are welcome in the classroom anytime. Please come and learn with your kids! In some cases, Parent Participation is REQUIRED (for children under 5, and in some other cases). Parents, or a parent-designee (18+), must attend “parent participation required” classes.

EXPO Classes – NEW

Expo classes have a demonstration component. Research indicates that demonstrating knowledge and mastery of a subject to an external audience is a powerful learning device for consolidation, and increases learner awareness that they “know what they know”. Expo classes have a demonstration component in the spring term where learners have an opportunity to “show their stuff” to an audience. Some demonstrations will be group performances or group projects, and some will be individual projects that can become a part of the learner’s portfolio. Classes are encouraged to invite family and friends as well as an “expert” from the Portland community to come and see their work. For example, a science class may do individual projects on “energy in the future” and may invite an engineer from a wind energy company to see their projects. Participation in the Expo is expected by all class members, so do not sign up for this course if you are unwilling to participate. Most Expo projects will require homework as well. Most Expo projects (group and individual) are be displayed as a precursor to the Summerfest celebration at the end of the year. Expo group performances occur during Summerfest.

Special Schedule Note: Schedule “Gaps” and Parents on Campus

If a child has a gap in their schedule, he or she must be with a parent or designee or leave the campus. Parents of unattended children will be contacted immediately so they may pick up the child. Unattended learners will remain near the office until their parent arrives. Learners age 10 and up may apply for a “Gap Exception” if they want to remain on campus during a gap. Click here to apply for a Gap Exception.

3. Learn about Our Additional Services

In addition to weekly classes and member activities, we also offer one-on-one tutoring, field trips, events, standardized testing services, travel programs, and more. Learn more about our programs here.

Details about 2017/18 Tuition will be published in July 2017.

Why do learners choose classes?

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