All About Registration

All About Registration

Regular registration happens through the first two weeks of every term. After that, please call the office to register mid-term at 503-59-9100


1. Create (or update) Your Family Account

If you are new to Village Home, please click “Login” (above) and then “Create New Account” on our REGISTRATION LOGIN page. If you are a returning family, please do not make a duplicate account – if you need assistance locating your account, contact the office. Returning families, please update your family information using the “Edit My Account Info” link on your family homepage. Please include recent photos of your family members (nothing fancy). Be sure to keep your account up-to-date; it helps us keep everyone safe. 

2. Pre-Registration Advance Requests (Fall Term Registration Only)

Because the system demands are so great on the first day of registration, we implemented an Advance Request Form to ease the stress for your family. You can turn in your requests in advance, and they will be processed in random order by class (per class lottery).  To participate in the Advance Request system, please  see details here.

Or, Register Online 

a. Shop for Classes. If registration is open, you may start selecting classes. When you’ve found the course you want, you may begin registering for classes. Clicking “Register Now!” will put the course in your shopping cart. Next, click “Continue Shopping” to select additional courses, or click “Checkout” to pay registration fees and complete your registration. (Prior to registration opening, the “register now” will say “read only”.) If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to login or create a new account. After you’ve completed our account registration form you will be taken to the payment page to complete payment and select a payment plan if desired. Once you have made payment in full or deposit, you are officially enrolled.

b. Pay for classes, or make a deposit and set up a Payment Plan.

  • Put a credit card on your account and either pay your entire balance at checkout or choose to participate in our payment plan using the card on file. (Payment plan payments will run automatically during the term).
  • Come into the office to register and pay via check or cash. A minimum of 1/3 of the balance is due at the time of enrollment.

Continuing Classes From Term-to-Term

If you are enrolled in a class in a current term, your seats in your current classes will be reserved for you for the next term. This system insures that your learner won’t lose a spot in a class mid-year. To pay for your continuing classes, login during registration week and look for the invoice with your continuing class registrations. To do this go to My Billing tab, then My Invoices tab. Newest invoices will be at the top. Look for a recent date to know you have the right invoice. Simply make a payment on your invoice to secure your classes during registration week. If you cannot pay online with a credit card, contact the office to make alternative arrangements. t the end of the registration week for Winter or Spring Terms, if you have NOT made payment to change your status from “pending” to “enrolled”, your pending classes will be deleted from your account. Please do not LOSE your seat in a continuing class — be sure to make your first payment during continuing registration week.

If there are classes you do not wish to continue, simply email or call the office and we will adjust your schedule. Or, fill out a Drop Request online. Drops cannot be done by you in your account. You can request drops before registration, and, in fact, that is preferred. So, if you are certain you do not want to continue in a class, let us know right away so that we can release the seat before registration opens.  If you wish to add new classes, you may place them in your cart and check-out. To complete check-out, you will need to make payment in full or put the invoice on a payment plan. Accounts with multiple payment plan invoices will have their invoices merged together during the break. You may add classes and activities any time from the beginning of registration through the add/drop period.

Adding or Dropping a Class

You may add/drop classes anytime between the opening of registration and the end of the add/drop period. The add/drop period is the first two weeks of the term.

In order to not be charged for a class, you must drop on or before the day of the second class meeting. (If a class meets more than once a week, that may mean that you must drop the course in week one to avoid being charged.) After the add/drop period, there are no refunds for tuition and fees.  Adds may be made anytime during registration and the add/drop period. in your family account online, or in the office. Drop requests may be made through the office (503-597-9100) or online here. You CANNOT drop classes in your family account, but you can ADD classes.

Priority Registration

Priority Registration opens July 31, 2017. Families eligible for Priority Registration will complete an Advance Request Form by Sunday July 30 to have their requests processed by the office on July 31. Those who do not complete the Advance Request Form can register with the office beginning Aug 1. Priority registration is an advantage because few classes are waitlisted during priority registration. To participate in Priority Registration, there are several ways to qualify. Families with Priority Registration often get their first choices of classes.  It is possible to join Priority Registration  even after the first day of Priority Registration has happened, and before regular registration opens. Contact us if you would like to explore this option.

To qualify for Priority Registration, you have several options:

(1) Be on the Faculty/Staff/Board,
(2) Enroll in Choices or Day Program,
(3) Apply for, get assigned to, and complete a Community Duty PLUS Job, that includes Priority Registration as a benefit.
(4) Donate $250 or more between July 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017,
(5) Put your family’s name in the hat for one of five spots randomly chosen for the Priority Registration Lottery here.