VH Day Program: Part-time Program for Learners Age 6 to 13

“Almost everyday, Max and Tessa say, ‘Is today the Day Program, mom?’ And when the answer is ‘yes’, they say, ‘Yes! I love the Day Program!’ We love the Day Program. The consistency of the program, the structure of the classroom schedule, how academic work is blended with play, the ability for the kids to have deeper friendships and work as a team to make decisions together. The kids are thriving in the program and are very happy. They are learning how to be part of a group, learn classroom behavioral skills, be exposed to academic work at their individual level.” – Kellye, Day Program Parent

VH Day Program Logo


The day program is an part-time, full day program where kids can be academically and socially engaged, and inspired to take ownership of their learning. The Village Day Program launched in the Fall of 2016, starting with a two-day option for TWO cohorts: Ages 6-10 and 10-13.  Please note, this is NOT designed to be a comprehensive program — it is part-time only.

To join the Day Program, an application is be submitted and an interview is scheduled. A class visitation may be arranged with the instructor after family/applicant have had their interview.

Two-Day Option
Beaverton Campus, Monday and Friday, Ages 6-9 & 10-13

One-Day Option
NE Portland Campus, Wednesday, Ages 8-12

Both locations meet 33 weeks a year, from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm


  • Experiential, inquiry-based, student-centered learning
  • Interdisciplinary group projects
  • Time to play and think together
  • Build tool belt for learning through math and language arts practice


  • Cultivate the student’s natural desire to learn
  • Build self-awareness and appreciation of the world around them
  • Develop problem-solving and creative-thinking skills
  • Build learning skills in language arts and mathematics
  • Enhance interpersonal skills


Each day will have a schedule that includes some free exploration time, some guided group learning opportunities, some individualized online learning, group project-based learning, and some independent work. We maintain our commitment to making learning fun and engaging, while also holding a high expectation for participation. We are applying over 13 years of experience with facilitating learning engagement to design this program to be a learner-friendly approach to education, with developmentally appropriate academic and social opportunities that support learner autonomy.


Click to see a Sample Daily Schedule for each cohort

2017-18 Calendar

Term 1 (Fall) September 11 – December 1: Off week of November 20 – 24 for Thanksgiving

Term 2 (Winter) Friday, January 5– March 23
Off on Monday, January 15 (Martin Luther King Day) and Monday, February 19 (President’s Day)

Term 3 (Spring) April 2 – June 18: Off on Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day)

Inclement Weather make-up days will be held during week of March 19th


Families who value high quality educational opportunities as much as learner autonomy, and who are seeking academic and social enrichment on a part-time basis for their children. In the Village Day program, the parent is still seen as the student’s primary educator. Because this is a cohort-based program, learners in the program need to be functioning academically, socially, and emotionally at or above their grade level.

2017/18 TUITION & FEES

Interview Fee (non-refundable): $60
One day a week (Wed, NE Portland location):  $1,600/year
Two days a week (Mon/Fri, Beaverton Location): $3,200/year
Monthly Payment Plans and 10% Sibling Discount Available.
No Financial Aid at this time.


We are pleased to have Emily Zionts as the facilitator for the 10 – 13 cohort in Beaverton and 8 – 12 cohort in NE Portland. Shannon Reilly is the facilitator for the 6 –  10 cohort in Beaverton.


Day Program families have priority registration and learners can register for classes on other days in the schedule, and they pay the per-class tuition rate for those. Rules about unattended children on campus (must be in a class, or have a parent on campus) will apply on those days.


Village Home is a dynamic, choice-based learning community that creatively integrates family, education and real life to empower learners in of all ages. Since 2002, Village Home has been providing a new model of education for 21st-century home-based learners in preschool through high school. At the core of our approach is the belief that learning is a natural, inherently enjoyable process when learners are empowered to make education choices with their families. Our caring teachers create a collaborative, fun-filled, grade-free environment where the focus is on real learning rather than test performance.

All learners are welcome at Village Home Education Resource Center regardless of race, age, religion, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or disabilities. Village Home is located on church property, but is not programmatically affiliated with any religious organization.